I am gestating in the womb of change and progress.

I am developing the skills and strength to become reborn in my own image without the yoke of false hope, without the bearing of bloody lies, without the praise for being different tainted with shame. The strings and ropes that moored me to the shore are severed with my clear consent. I am no longer anchored at the pier of someone else’s demands and lack of mercy. What is no longer necessary for my survival is falling away rapidly, some of which is regret.

I Regret that I didn’t realize sooner what was occurring. I Regret that my need to hope that things would improve could not be sated by the harmful actions of others. Regret that I saw the omens, realized the map, and ignored my compass.

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If we work in order to decompress, we will only decompose, and quickly.

There is a safety in putting our vulnerabilities aside  to delve into a major project or take action against a traumatic event on a political level that has affected us personally, but the greatest injustice is in limiting self-belief systems that grandly announce that you are weak on your mental loud speaker just because you feel a certain emotion that doesn’t fit into your ideal self-image.

We are on a path to self-discovery as much as we are on a path to success. The two are not mutually exclusive; they are two sides of the same coin. We must discover what it means to be successful on our path, but in order to discover our personal definition of success, we must discover ourselves and revel in our uniqueness. Our uniqueness then becomes our selling point – the reason why we do our work.

Now Get Dis Work.

Work makes us feel like we are strong, contributing members of society that can handle anything that comes our way, especially if our work involves heavy multi-tasking. But what multi-tasking really does is unravel our resolve to quiet our minds and reclaim the simplicity in the moment. This is precisely the reason that entrepreneurs must live simply, mindfully, and spiritually in order to have long term happiness and success.  Take a look at Danielle LaPorte. She kicks ass doing just that.

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Writing with Tarot: A Writer’s Development Workshop

See the plot line unfold and creativity take form with divination.


Description:  writers will use tarot cards to inspire their creativity, brainstorm, overcome writers’ block, aid in structuring a story through use of symbols, and much more.

Location: Everything Mushroom

1004 Sevier Avenue, Knoxville, TN, 37920
Contact: 865.617.6142 or 865. 230.7055




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My best friend Vania and I were discussing feminism yesterday.  It’s a subject on which we share similar opinions.  I consider myself among the Fuck-Me Feminists.  I have no issue with pornography; I love erotica as much as I love my feminist literature; and though I respect Andrea Dworkin, I think she would have benefited from a facial, massage, mani and pedi, and possibly a couple of rounds of chocolate martinis with her friends (please don’t call us girls) a la Sex and the City.  Vania refers to us modern feminists as Lipstick and/or Stiletto Feminists.  I think those terms are a little limiting and apply only to really attractive or young women who aspire to be part of the beauty myth-and it is a myth.

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{Dr. Kate Flynn, DC}

{Dr. Kate Flynn, DC}

September 8th, 2014, Knoxville, Tennessee–Local doctor, Kate Flynn, announces the opening of APC Knoxville (Alternative Pain Clinic). This clinic is unlike any other pain clinic because it focuses on resolving the five emotions associated with chronic pain – fear, exhaustion, guilt, separation, and punishment – in a safe and holistic manner, without years of therapy.   It also seeks to empower patients with tools they can use at home to lessen the need for medications and invasive surgeries.

“We are experiencing a cultural epidemic of chronic pain that refuses to diminish regardless of the amount of surgeries, prescription medications, and structural re-alignment directed towards it,” states Dr. Flynn. “As a chiropractor with an extensive nutritional background, I have experienced the frustration associated with successful structural and dietary changes that yield no change in the amount of pain a patient is in.”

People are resigning themselves to being in pain, while possibly becoming addicted to prescription medications or investing thousands of dollars of their money into structural modalities that don’t work. They begin to lose hope or think that the best they can do is manage their pain. Dr. Flynn believes that there is a better way, “When we are willing to go deeper than the physical symptoms, we open ourselves for true healing to take place.”

Join Dr. Flynn for an open house event to learn how a simple 10-minute protocol can help you break your relationship with chronic pain Tuesday, September 23rd at 4:30pm at The Avenue located at 141 Martinwood Rd, Knoxville, TN 37923. Chronic pain may be a part of your life now, but it doesn’t have to stay with you forever. Goody bags, door prizes, and light refreshments will be provided.

For more information about Dr. Flynn and Alternative Pain Clinic Knoxville, visit www.apcknoxville.com.

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