Soul Work + Spiritual Care

commit to oneselfWhen you don’t know where to turn, move inward.

As stated in my bio, I am an Ordained Interfaith Minister, Pastoral Spiritual Counselor with a concentration in psychology and a Doctorate in Divinity. I have been educated at Lincoln University, Esoteric Interfaith Theological Seminary and most importantly, the world in which life changes on a dime with no guarantees.

Deep at my core, my desire is to help you learn, accept and love yourself while discovering your truest spiritual path. My journey through understanding the unity behind world religions and psychology has helped me to develop my own sense of faith and purpose which has lead me to the imperative of my path: to assist others through their toughest moments, turning victims into victors and their trials into triumph.

My intention is to create a continuum of raised consciousness within you that will emanate into the world through your creative process. When you delve into the depths of your spirit, in the silence you will recognize that all purpose is creative and the world is a result of what we have brought manifest.

The most challenging aspect of life is learning how to turn off the internal noise and get clear. Having clarity in your experience is the most expedient path to creating the life you want, however, it takes time, guidance, nurturing, encouragement and attention. I believe my purpose is to give you those virtues through our work together.

With deep gratitude, I offer you the following objectives to examine within so that we may work together to build the very best you, and an even better world:


On the walk of life, all paths are sacred on the journey to wholeness. With over five years expertise in interfaith spiritual care, I share compassionate and insightful guidance with reason and faith to facilitate healing in your time of need.

Specializing in:

  • Bereavement Care
  • Emotional + Spiritual Awareness
  • Mindfulness + Meditation
  • Trauma Healing
  • LGBTQ Issues
  • Relationship Counseling
  • Marriage Preparation/Dissolution Counseling + Spiritual Mediation


This work is intended for those who are ready to take their life’s work and purpose to the next level. 

  • Validate your past by turning your pain into purpose
  • Discover your authentic voice and develop creative empowerment
  • Awaken a spiritual path with a sense of wonder through self-exploration
  • Face yourself and own your story
  • Learn to lead mindfully
  • Activate your unique gifts through understanding and accepting your shadow-self
  • Adventure through your challenges and develop the courage to create a stable, happy life

The foundation for our work together is strongly rooted in:

  • Inspirational and empathic support for life changing breakthroughs
  • Innovative and strategic planning to reach personal, spiritual, and purpose centered goals
  • Compassionate truth spoken with integrity and objectivity for your highest benefit

When you are ready to book a session, you will have options to meet your needs:

  • Affordable Session Packages  
  • Invoicing and sliding scale options*
  • Individual One Day Intensive Workshops and Retreats
  • E-Courses + Creative Empowerment Exercises (Beginning January 2015)
  • Free community membership to meet others of like mind and spirit
 *Sliding scale options are for Interfaith Pastoral Counseling only.

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The Activate your life creative community is an interactive empowerment group to help you, the conscious artists recharge, connect, share and develop the soul wisdom it takes to make your (REAL) life unfold. 

In this group, we hold the space for spiritual seekers looking for meaning in the mystery. We offer support for energy workers and wellness enthusiasts with holistic wellness discussions. We witness the unification of powerful beings who know they are destined for the path to greatness, who look for abundance through the struggle, and always expect the best outcome of their efforts.

This is a call to home base.




Connection – Be heard and healed on monthly wisdom calls with Anjana.

Community – Discover a support system of whole-hearted dreamers, seers, feelers, and doers.

Creative Inspiration- Develop the heart of your purpose, call it into action and promote your endeavors with other fully present members of the group.

Consciousness- Lead and participate in conversations on life path, relationships, mindfulness, and holistic wellness.


We welcome positive and uplifting people to enhance to creative power of the group.