Collaborating with the infinite creativity within you is the first step in brand identity. When we co-create we discover ourselves deeply and bring awareness to our purpose.


Know Thyself: Who are you? Who do you believe you are meant to be? This is a place to be open and honest about your strengths, limitations, and most importantly why you do what you do. This creates the basis of your endeavor’s philosophy.


What Others Perceive: What are others saying about your brand? Are you and your employees’ perceptions about your business in alignment? What does your audience say? Keeping yourself grounded in objectivity will help you connect to your audience and strengthen the integrity of your brand. 


Evaluate: The results of the analyses is the goddess particle of your brand and the key to brand illumination.


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from L-R: Joe, Eric, Lynne, Anjana, and Jack

From L-R: Joe, Eric, Lynne, Anjana, and Jack

Good Morning. My summer has ended and at this moment I am up at 6:00AM, awake, alive and ready.

Over the past weekend, I was most ceremoniously ushered into life with my heart full and my starving sated. I have been given love, adoration and healing as soul saving elixir.

My birthday journey began much like my life did. I had no idea what was going on, but it was all so very exciting — so much so that I cried and could not communicate actual words.

Birthdays for me have always been a frightening edging closer to the unknown, so surprises tend to throw me off my axis. This surprise however, was crafted on the rings of Saturn by my husband and his love magick.

After driving down a long stretch of highway that I thought was in the direction of Johnson City, my husband exited into a town that starts with a C, but I at this time cannot remember. At the time, I had been commandeered by my soul friend Jack who psychically blindfolded me from discovering my birthday plans by way our empathic connection.

As my husband rounded a curvaceous road sandwiched between vast green breeze kissed fields with dilapidated shacks taking their final rest in the greenery, the scene became more and more esoteric.  We entered Sparta. Sparta, Tennessee, that is.

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Where there is woman, there is Magic. ~ Ntozake Shange

How do you work your Goddess Magic?

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Actors, writers, directors, and musicians taking their best shot to educate girls around the world. 

Purchase a photo, pick a charity, and 100% of the profits will go to educating girls around the world.


Tracy Middendorf – Wasteland




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