Five Sacred Steps to Your True Calling


With my heart open and my vision clear, I understand the importance of my life here in this place: space, time, here, now, the Earth dream of which we are all a part. My life and yours are here for a greater purpose. Let it be established: we all have a significant reason for being here, otherwise we would not exist. Through our conscious and subconscious growth we have the opportunity to live fully authentic experiences – more authentic than what we believe to be the most real aspects of ourselves.

The Care of Souls

That is my purpose here. Sometimes I feel very shocked by the dichotomy of this truth against the dreams and goals of my formative years. However in this moment of truth, I realize that my formative years really were not preparing me for the life that I had in my daydreaming mind so much as the life Spirit was preparing me for within my circumstances.  The sacred place where the two worlds have merged is the creative realm. For me, that realm contains books, unconditional love, music, dancing, and most importantly, a limitless fountain of spiritual wisdom that quenches my thirst and empowers me to teach all that I have learned. It is the place that I go to have my cup refilled.

I have always had the desire to enjoy life, feel love, inspire others and partake in carefree, healing play to my heart’s content and that has not changed. Laughter, encouragement, and kindness have always been go-to staples in my life, but the best way for them to be used has not been anything that my limited human tendencies could have ever fathomed or have attempted thus far. It has been very difficult to trust in the truth of my calling because…well, I am stubborn. But with each and every falling of the leaves on the trees outside my window, I could attach the number of failed attempts at a life divergent from my calling. When this kind of epic failure happens, I retreat more deeply into meditation and dream work to discover answers.

I feel extremely connected to the love in my heart when I meditate. It opens everything so deeply that sometimes I feel overwhelmed, anxious. I think it is because this life means so very much to me. It is so real, so precious that every day I feel like I am a living a miracle.  Every day I feel tremendously connected to this world and what lies beyond the borders of the mind. So in my meditations, my calling’s whisper became louder and louder. When I ignored the call, I only experienced suffering. I thought if I answered the call, I expected my life to be over. And so began the tango between my truth and Spirit’s knowledge of me.

When I heard the calling to become a minister, I thought that I had to become pious, stop having sex and other forms of great fun. I didn’t want to memorize scriptures (even though I had half of Christian text memorized by the time I was eleven), edicts or creeds; I didn’t know whether or not I believed in God at all.  I mean, I certainly didn’t think that God was a man dispensing grace to some and not others…

 I wanted to know more about the nature of all things from a spiritual perspective. I wanted to know why there were whispers in the breeze and wisdom in the forest. I was voracious for unseen knowledge. I wanted to lift the skirt of providence to see what was underneath. I wanted to ingest all forms of art as a holy Eucharist.

Then, I wanted take what I learned and tell others with excitement and joy about the mystery and power of life, especially their own. When I came to the realization that life was my sacred church, I understood that these acts of discovery above all else are the pearls of my life’s work and my problem was one of expectation. I made expectations of what my calling was supposed to look like, and rejected what it actually is. I was totally confused as to the difference between the perpetuation of religion and the care and feeding of the soul. I didn’t realize that when the call comes, not only must it be answered, but the way I answer it is completely up to me.

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As the Page Turns, I Offer You My Light.


The shift that occurred within me, was groundbreaking.

The Universe has quite a way of prompting us to arrive when and where we truly belong, even if it means that we have to experience the worst pain ever.

I have always been a seeker of the message, but somewhere along the way, my receiving aspect was muted – almost totally – (which even manifested physically with a temporary blockage in my right ear). I had a series of what my human side believed to be unfortunate events: a car wreck, a near end to a friendship, failed work relationships, and falling down the stairs of my home five times in two months. By the end of this roller coaster ride, I said aloud with arms extended in the air in the middle of a busy Knoxville street, “Alright Universe, I get the message! I am LISTENING!”

If we didn’t have the struggles of our lives to force us inward would we ever go there to incubate and learn? In my case the answer is no, so I have no other place to rest in my troubles but in the arms of gratitude to the maternal instincts of ALL for pruning my sacred tree.

In my recent incubation that was prompted by the completion of my forthcoming book, Start in The Dark, I had yet another breakthrough on my personal journey. I discovered the value and worth of my true, authentic self. My biggest lesson? I AM WORTHY + ENOUGH.  I will say it again. I AM WORTHY + ENOUGH.

So often we do not allow ourselves the best of our gifts because we forget how incredibly gifted we are. We want to fit in and be accepted (or at least that is my weakness), yet most of the time our gifts set us apart, making us undeniably unique. We are all Divinely gifted in this place, and you all have inspired me to delve deeper and become more aware. I believe in the power of my words, my healing power, and the spiritual gift of encouragement that was given to me to help others. In essence I believe in the LIGHT that emanates through me, you and all living things. The light translates in the Anjana experience as me paving the way to discover new facets of love in the depths. I’m mining for your greatness and mine.

As stated in my bio, I am an Ordained Interfaith Minister, Pastoral Spiritual Counselor with a concentration in psychology and a Doctorate in Divinity. I have been educated at Lincoln University, Esoteric Interfaith Theological Seminary and most importantly, the world in which life changes on a dime with no guarantees.

Deep at my core, my desire is to help you learn, accept and love yourself while discovering your truest spiritual path. My journey through understanding the unity behind world religions and psychology has helped me to develop my own sense of faith and purpose which has lead me to the imperative of my path: to assist others through their toughest moments, turning victims into victors and their trials into triumph.

My intention is to create a continuum of raised consciousness within you that will emanate into the world through your creative process. When you delve into the depths of your spirit, in the silence you will recognize that all purpose is creative and the world is a result of what we have brought manifest.

The most challenging aspect of life is learning how to turn off the internal noise and get clear. Having clarity in your experience is the most expedient path to creating the life you want, however, it takes time, guidance, nurturing, encouragement and attention. I believe my purpose is to give you those virtues through our work together.

With deep gratitude, I offer you the following objectives to examine within so that we may work together to build the very best you, and an even better world:


On the walk of life, all paths are sacred on the journey to wholeness. With over five years expertise in interfaith spiritual care, I share compassionate and insightful guidance with reason and faith to facilitate healing in your time of need.

Specializing in:

  • Bereavement Care
  • Emotional + Spiritual Awareness
  • Mindfulness + Meditation
  • Trauma Healing
  • Relationship Counseling
  • Marriage Preparation/Dissolution Counseling + Spiritual Mediation


This work is intended for those who are ready to take their life’s work and purpose to the next level. 

  • Validate your past by turning your pain into purpose
  • Discover your authentic voice and develop creative empowerment
  • Awaken a spiritual path with a sense of wonder through self-exploration
  • Face yourself and own your story
  • Learn to lead mindfully
  • Activate your unique gifts through understanding and accepting your shadow-self
  • Adventure through your challenges and develop the courage to create a stable, happy life

The foundation for our work together is strongly rooted in:

  • Inspirational and empathic support for life changing breakthroughs
  • Innovative and strategic planning to reach personal, spiritual, and purpose centered goals
  • Compassionate truth spoken with integrity and objectivity for your highest benefit

Before we begin, Let’s connect. 

In my work with my incredible clientele, I have learned that one hour just isn’t enough. I am breaking the tradition of counseling without feedback and speed coaching to give you comprehensive support without you having to feel rushed. I want to take the time to connect with you before you make such an important decision that will guide your path. I offer Free 30 minute consultations as an introductory session to break the ice and connect with you. If our connection is not developing, we will bid one another peace, and I will give you referrals to other advisors that I trust.

When you are ready to book a session, you will have options to meet your needs:

  • Affordable Session Packages  
  • Invoicing and sliding scale options*
  • Individual One Day Intensive Workshops and Retreats
  • E-Courses + Creative Empowerment Exercises (Beginning January 2015)
  • Free community membership to meet others of like mind and spirit
 *Sliding scale options are for Interfaith Pastoral Counseling only.

1 Free 30 Minute Spiritual Advisory Consultation






Own Your Shit. No one else can do your work, except you.


“There comes a time in your life, when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Forget the bad, and focus on the good. Love the people who treat you right, pray for the ones who don’t. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is a part of life, getting back up is living.” ― José N. Harris

No drama llamas need apply

The older I get, the less tolerance I have for drama. Simply put: Life’s too short to deal with people who are constantly in a state of nuclear meltdown.

Of course, we all have our moments of quiet hysteria, but when a person starts writing on the walls of my life with the contents of their poopy diaper, I have to draw the line.

Years ago, I might have harbored the illusion that I could help them.

Now, other than possibly harboring a momentary fantasy of using a high-powered hose to make a point, I’ve got little interest in engaging with or encouraging crazy-making behavior.

The truth of the matter is, we’re each responsible for cleaning up our own stuff.

If our messes weren’t meant for us, we wouldn’t experience them.

Therefore, I have plenty of drama of my own to deal with.

Your drama is, well, yours.

You figure it out.

Not my circus, not my monkeys. ~ Polish Proverb

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Goodbye Again, Persephone: Advice from an Autumn Leaf


As I sit watching the wheels of nature turn, I wonder what advice the leaves would give me if they could tell their life stories.

I’ve seen them grow on what appeared to be desolate deadened trees, blossoming into their spring and summer finery, surrendering the first flush of green with orange, red, and yellows. Then, they gracefully drift on the winds of the changing seasons to carpet the ground with rustling tapestries. They speak to us in their ancient tongues. We can hear them when we listen.

Be Unafraid to Bloom.

In the beginning, the start of any project, there is darkness. There is a point where we don’t know and we don’t understand. We wonder what if? Will the risk we’re about to become engaged to grow or will it whither? We don’t know, but we can hope. We take the idea that needs great care. We water it, coax it, and nurture the idea like we would an infant. The idea becomes a concept.

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Change and Progress: Learning to Birth Risks


I am gestating in the womb of change and progress.

I am developing the skills and strength to become reborn in my own image without the yoke of false hope, without the bearing of bloody lies, without the praise for being different tainted with shame. The strings and ropes that moored me to the shore are severed with my clear consent. I am no longer anchored at the pier of someone else’s demands and lack of mercy. What is no longer necessary for my survival is falling away rapidly, some of which is regret.

I Regret that I didn’t realize sooner what was occurring. I Regret that my need to hope that things would improve could not be sated by the harmful actions of others. Regret that I saw the omens, realized the map, and ignored my compass.

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Accepting your Shadow Self, Defacing Illusion


I stood there staring into the eyes of a stranger.

I stood there staring into the eyes of a woman I’d known my entire life, into the eyes of woman who was distorted by circumstance.Only this stranger knew me all too well. She was a testament to my story. She’d been there all along bearing witness to my weaknesses. She was there when my desire to give in to the endless gaping hole of emptiness that tempted me. She understood me. However, I despised her. I wondered how I’d come to hate her so. I wondered why the sight of her made me cringe. This woman. The woman who danced with my shadows, who’d once shown me her beautiful face and made me promises of sweet milk and honey. The longer I gazed into her eyes, I began to see that I was a mere reflection of everything I once was, a reflection of everything I secretly desired to be once more.

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Invoke The Goddess: 5 Elements of Self Care


“Self-love and self-care are a ‘delicious cycle’. The more self-love we discover, the better we want to take care of ourselves; and the more we care for ourselves, the more self-love we will uncover in the process.”

-Asante George  

What does it truly mean to beautiful?

I am almost certain that every person reading this will answer the question differently. We all have our own perceptions of beauty and we all want to live up to the standards of those perceptions. The only problem with this is that our perceptions are typically unreal and therefore, unattainable. We put so much emphasis on being an unattainable ideal, we forget what the essence of real beauty is.

What if I told you that you were a goddess with incredible beauty and insurmountable power?

For many years, beauty was something I felt as if I lacked. To me, it was a foreign concept that I could only grasp if I were a little more ‘this’ or a little less ‘that’. I suffered with feelings of low self-worth. After reaching a point where my own true nature was completely unrecognizable to me, I embarked on a journey to discover the authentic me that was buried deep within.

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Better Healthcare in Three Empowering Actions


Holistic health empowerment

is not avoidance of a health issue, nor is it the extreme imbalance through the refusal of wellness methods that may assist you in your healing journey.  If you have fears or concerns about your health care provider, seek one that is well versed in the holistic path.  There are many naturopathic doctors that are also medical doctors.  They will help you to acclimate to a lifestyle of healing while honoring your beliefs.  You have the right to choose your doctor.

An important aspect of holistic wellness is knowing your options, both allopathic and holistic, before making important decisions regarding your medical condition or preserving your health.  A Passive relationship with your doctor and/or your symptoms is not a guarantee for the best treatment or optimum health.  It is important for you to be aware of medical advances, recalls, side effects and other factors that will help you in maintaining your well-being. Working in concert with your doctor will create a relationship of mutual respect and free flowing information.


Doing important research on pharmaceuticals related to your condition could be the difference between life and death.  Many pharm companies produce medicines that cover more than one ailment and subsequently treat a wide variety of health issues. Research the effects of the drug on previous patients specific to your condition and weigh the long-term cost of the effects it may have on your body.

It is also imperative that you research your doctor.  Does your doctor specialize in your health status? Know your health history when you go for your annual visit and be ready to ask pointed questions about the outcomes of other patients your prospective doctor has seen.

Do the Work:

Your health care begins with you, not when you are preparing for a doctor visit two weeks before.  Take care of your health with regular exercise, healthy eating, and well-managed emotions.  Make the grocery store your pharmacy, and fresh air a daily ritual. Hydrate your body and feed your mind positive messages.  Treat yourself with the utmost of sacred care.  When the time comes to visit with your doctor you will be relaxed and appreciative of your endeavors to better health.

Decisions, Decisions: 

Every health decision is a step toward a day without pain. Your life is precious and each aspect must come into account for your total health.  Seek to make your decisions in a global way that will benefit your mental-emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.  Each aspect of you needs to remain in harmonious balance in order for your quality of life to remain beneficial.


The Tumeric Miracle! 


Ease Your Troubled Mind.


When I lay in bed at night, I think of all I accomplished during the day, things I could have done or said differently…things I hope for tomorrow.


I like to explore ideas and figure out exactly where I stand on issues of the day. I consider my stance on body image. I mull over the level of poverty in my neighborhood, in my state, in my country, in the world. I focus on big solutions for little problems such as build tiny houses for the homeless. These whiz through my brain at a million miles an hour like a constant hum of distant activity that I can’t quite pin down. It sometimes gets worse when the lights go out.

As I watch others struggling with similar issues in their heart-minds, it occurs to me that being in the now, being mindful, is meaningful to me. The woulda-coulda-shouldas are distractions from what’s really happening. They are ways my mind tells me that I’m ditching out on things all day long (even though they’re there) so that I can survive. I build up a dam of “Yes, sir. No, sir” all day and in the still of the night my mind has a chance to breathe the emotions I’ve suppressed during the day. It’s the larger than life minutia that builds frustration, anxiety, misdeeds mishandled and things that cause the water to break through the dam.

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Activate Your Life: Show, Don’t Tell


I remember as a student in writing class this directive was drilled into my head: Show don’t tell. Over and over I’d get papers handed back to me with red marks screaming it at me. I hated that teacher with the keen passion that only a young student can express. But those words held far more wisdom beyond writing in junior high school.

Those words have become a life lesson for me. They have taught me that I could tell you all day long about the me I want you to see. I could wave my fancy feathered fan in front of my naked body teasing you with glimpses of who I really am. I could rip off my spiritual bindings, groaning with effort and continued fear that I’ll not be perceived as blameless as I wish.

Show me who you are.

Don’t just tell me with clever slogans because those are the thoughts of someone else. Using a lack authenticity  to describe oneself  limits a person to the level of mediocrity, labels, and acceptance of someone else’s beliefs.

Who are you quoting?

I don’t want to be remembered with someone else’s words on my lips. My own actions are a reflection of my spirit. I do not intentionally set out to change the world, it just happens because my intent is  like a fire, fully engaged in whatever I’m doing. I require blazes of activity to spark up via conversations, actions, laughter, outrage towards injustice, or by committing random acts of kindness. I want to be remembered as someone who mattered to someone else as much as I matter to me.

I’d like for someone to make a graphic about me that reads, Man, if only you’d known her. She was a fireball like none other. Even though she gave up a lot, she wasn’t a quitter. She’d fight to the bitter end for whatever she believed in and without even realizing it, you’d be right there with her. She was trustworthy in action and word.

We’re all in this together.

Human to human, elbow to elbow, what shall we do? What beliefs do you wish to leave as your legacy? What can you give to the world that is unique to solely you?  Bring that gift to the table of manifestation as a dish to pass to along in your community. Fan out your peacock tail with glorious display because you’re necessary, valuable, and worth more than a few words with a pretty picture attempting to capture your essence. Go on, show all of us, don’t just tell us who you are. We’re waiting.