As the Page Turns, I Offer You My Light.


The shift that occurred within me, was groundbreaking.

The Universe has quite a way of prompting us to arrive when and where we truly belong, even if it means that we have to experience the worst pain ever.

I have always been a seeker of the message, but somewhere along the way, my receiving aspect was muted – almost totally – (which even manifested physically with a temporary blockage in my right ear). I had a series of what my human side believed to be unfortunate events: a car wreck, a near end to a friendship, failed work relationships, and falling down the stairs of my home five times in two months. By the end of this roller coaster ride, I said aloud with arms extended in the air in the middle of a busy Knoxville street, “Alright Universe, I get the message! I am LISTENING!”

If we didn’t have the struggles of our lives to force us inward would we ever go there to incubate and learn? In my case the answer is no, so I have no other place to rest in my troubles but in the arms of gratitude to the maternal instincts of ALL for pruning my sacred tree.

In my recent incubation that was prompted by the completion of my forthcoming book, Start in The Dark, I had yet another breakthrough on my personal journey. I discovered the value and worth of my true, authentic self. My biggest lesson? I AM WORTHY + ENOUGH.  I will say it again. I AM WORTHY + ENOUGH.

So often we do not allow ourselves the best of our gifts because we forget how incredibly gifted we are. We want to fit in and be accepted (or at least that is my weakness), yet most of the time our gifts set us apart, making us undeniably unique. We are all Divinely gifted in this place, and you all have inspired me to delve deeper and become more aware. I believe in the power of my words, my healing power, and the spiritual gift of encouragement that was given to me to help others. In essence I believe in the LIGHT that emanates through me, you and all living things. The light translates in the Anjana experience as me paving the way to discover new facets of love in the depths. I’m mining for your greatness and mine.

As stated in my bio, I am an Ordained Interfaith Minister, Pastoral Spiritual Counselor with a concentration in psychology and a Doctorate in Divinity. I have been educated at Lincoln University, Esoteric Interfaith Theological Seminary and most importantly, the world in which life changes on a dime with no guarantees.

Deep at my core, my desire is to help you learn, accept and love yourself while discovering your truest spiritual path. My journey through understanding the unity behind world religions and psychology has helped me to develop my own sense of faith and purpose which has lead me to the imperative of my path: to assist others through their toughest moments, turning victims into victors and their trials into triumph.

My intention is to create a continuum of raised consciousness within you that will emanate into the world through your creative process. When you delve into the depths of your spirit, in the silence you will recognize that all purpose is creative and the world is a result of what we have brought manifest.

The most challenging aspect of life is learning how to turn off the internal noise and get clear. Having clarity in your experience is the most expedient path to creating the life you want, however, it takes time, guidance, nurturing, encouragement and attention. I believe my purpose is to give you those virtues through our work together.

With deep gratitude, I offer you the following objectives to examine within so that we may work together to build the very best you, and an even better world:


On the walk of life, all paths are sacred on the journey to wholeness. With over five years expertise in interfaith spiritual care, I share compassionate and insightful guidance with reason and faith to facilitate healing in your time of need.

Specializing in:

  • Bereavement Care
  • Emotional + Spiritual Awareness
  • Mindfulness + Meditation
  • Trauma Healing
  • Relationship Counseling
  • Marriage Preparation/Dissolution Counseling + Spiritual Mediation


This work is intended for those who are ready to take their life’s work and purpose to the next level. 

  • Validate your past by turning your pain into purpose
  • Discover your authentic voice and develop creative empowerment
  • Awaken a spiritual path with a sense of wonder through self-exploration
  • Face yourself and own your story
  • Learn to lead mindfully
  • Activate your unique gifts through understanding and accepting your shadow-self
  • Adventure through your challenges and develop the courage to create a stable, happy life

The foundation for our work together is strongly rooted in:

  • Inspirational and empathic support for life changing breakthroughs
  • Innovative and strategic planning to reach personal, spiritual, and purpose centered goals
  • Compassionate truth spoken with integrity and objectivity for your highest benefit

Before we begin, Let’s connect. 

In my work with my incredible clientele, I have learned that one hour just isn’t enough. I am breaking the tradition of counseling without feedback and speed coaching to give you comprehensive support without you having to feel rushed. I want to take the time to connect with you before you make such an important decision that will guide your path. I offer Free 30 minute consultations as an introductory session to break the ice and connect with you. If our connection is not developing, we will bid one another peace, and I will give you referrals to other advisors that I trust.

When you are ready to book a session, you will have options to meet your needs:

  • Affordable Session Packages  
  • Invoicing and sliding scale options*
  • Individual One Day Intensive Workshops and Retreats
  • E-Courses + Creative Empowerment Exercises (Beginning January 2015)
  • Free community membership to meet others of like mind and spirit
 *Sliding scale options are for Interfaith Pastoral Counseling only.

1 Free 30 Minute Spiritual Advisory Consultation






Sacred Focus: Eye to Eye, Mirror to Mirror, Soul to Soul


The process of attaining clarity in your life is a profoundly emotional and spiritual direction that requires you to go full throttle into sensitive caverns and secret corners until you discover the fully conscious resonance of truth that can only do one thing: Illuminate you from the inside out. To be afraid of focus is to be enslaved by complacency.

When a spiritually conscious person has to deal with the anxiety of possible failures or loss, he or she quickly creates a protective field around the aspects of the mind that could perceivably cause harm or could possibly manifest negativity in the material world. Through avoidance and self-placation with platitudes that only perpetuate a state of denial (because empty platitudes don’t even scratch the surface of a rooted spiritual life), the painstaking cultivation of consciousness becomes increasingly diminished and the potency of spirituality becomes watered down to quick-fix self-help drivel. What is left is nothing but a harsh and painful lesson.

All things within you need to be examined, reviewed, felt, processed, and released in order for authentic clarity to become manifest and therefore have the ability to manifest truth in the material world.


The fear of your fears and negative thoughts becoming manifest is an insidious loop that commonly comes from an ungrounded space within the heart center. This state of being keeps you off balance and your dreams at bay until you cleanse your emotions. Your emotions must have the freedom to roam until they are nurtured and settled — baggage unpacked, luggage carefully stowed. This must occur to the point of awareness so profound that it will pique your insight to a frequency that will open your entire being to the messages the Universe is offering.

Lack of emotional awareness is the primary blockage in the ability to manifest your desires. Your emotions hold your desires. Your desires are the seedlings of your authentic nature; your authentic nature is your greatness. Your greatness is the main priority to the pervasive and benevolent energy of the source of all things, but it can be difficult to trust this truth when your fears and your surroundings whisper different stories in the sacred space of an untrained mind.

Are you brave enough to deal with the parts of your life that frighten you so that you may have a sense of closure, empowerment and subsequent renewal? Renewal is what unifies the heart mind in a deep yoking, an intimacy of surrender to truth and allowance of trust. The refilling of your cup is essential for spiritual nourishment to take place so that you possess the ability to look at the difficult aspects of your life. Note: the difficult aspects of your life will keep showing up until you decide to focus on them and innovate resolution.

Trusting that the universe is behind you is a difficult task if you have ever been hurt before, and you know we all have had our share of life changing pain. The universe is closest to you in this time of vulnerability, presenting itself as spirit guides, gods, and saviors in an attempt to draw you homeward to a source of love that resides within you, even though it can easily be forgotten.

The Divine nature of all things is not a nature that seeks to punish or cause us pain. It is only in our lack of faith, and the lack of faith in others that cause deep pains due to reckless actions because Divinity has been forgotten. Our personal suffering comes from a lack of clarity and a desire to see the world from the place in which we have no eyes – the center of our stomachs.


The solar plexus, where all things ego and empowerment reside is a tricky part of ourselves to master. It holds anxiety when it is challenged by its own temporal human elements that are here to understand Divinity. When we lift our consciousness to a higher state of being with confidence in the process and humility in our hearts, we change the entire infrastructure of the universe from within our own bodies. We are living instruments.

Everyone collectively benefits when one brave soul decides to embark on the journey of soul work. All the toil and confusion that ensues with the act of unveiling the resonant truth that is your infinite, magnificent self in all its fragility and myriad temperaments is not in vein. We all hold the space for you. We all want a better world. This is the only way. Just hone in. Focus and become.

Allow your soul sight to guide you to all things meant for you. Your focus needs only be in this place of infinite possibility, not in the process of attaining the things that are not for you. Let them gently fall away, lest you grasp and hold onto the fiery ravages of lies, even as they are burning your hands to the bone.

Focus teaches us to let go and is the gravitational force that propels us forward, even when we don’t know where forward exactly is. This is commonly referred to as “stepping out on faith.” What is behind these all too familiar words that are so easy to proclaim and yet so difficult to master? We all have seen even the greatest teachers falter on the first fundamental step. True faith is when your knees are scarred from falling and yet, you still leap to the wellspring.

Your faith has many aspects; however in this case, it is defined as a simple foundation for your truest self to emerge in a crowning of spiritual rebirth. Faith presents itself as the hands that hold the tenderness of your newborn perspectives; it is the midwife to the change of life that eliminates fear induced barrenness. This path is so delicately individual that it is essential that you surround yourself by a healthy, open environment free from judgment of others and self-judgment.

So here we are full circle: eye to eye, mirror to mirror, soul to soul. When you look, look deeply and know that we all are looking back into you with love. Namaste.


The Unbounded Road to The City of Joy


[ Divinely Inspired by Day 9: I am Pure Unbounded Awareness of the Oprah & Deepak 21 Day Meditation Experience ]


As I stood in front of the Bodhi tree I saw the light of Om Hreem.

It emanated:

From my eyes,

From my hands,

From my heart…

In the silence between the mantra’s hum it activated sporadically.

My mind fought against it with frivolous thoughts.

There was not much silence,

But instead

Compacting, confining noise.

Dimness and falsehood arose in the place of placidity.

I opened my mouth in protest and the light expanded with the mantra.

I witnessed my head fall around my shoulders,

It was a cloak hood,

heavy and worn.

The light, unconfined, extended infinitely beyond my human clothes.

I unbuttoned my heart and the light shone through the chambers.

I unzipped my body, and took it off like a jacket.

Without distraction, the light is sustained, unfettered, and free.

I opened the center of the Bodhi Tree.

I split the wood and discovered the same light in it.

I unzipped the sky and discovered the same light in it.

I looked at the sun and saw that our light was one.

We reflected acts of unconditional love and nurturing.

The sun too, asked to be unzipped.

I opened the mouth of the universe and saw the myriad faces of truth and burned with the energy of manifestation.

Pure source energy: that is all we are. All that surrounds and pervades us is our own intelligent design, right down to the gods we pray to and the crosses we carry.

We can heal any ailment, create any miracle, become anything…

Source energy is objective, the mind is the creator, and all life is a work of art no matter how great, small, treacherous or sacred. The light works and lives in all.

The body is a façade, a vehicle for the transportation of energy.

Death is a time of manifestation. It is not eternal, but instead a tender, sacred disrobing, a donation back to the wheel of life when the experience no longer fits like a glove.

We are all inherently aware of this but fear the gleam of light in the palms of our hands.

Our animal aspects desire for blood, but our conscious selves subdue the carnal feeding.

No longer must we be afraid of crystalline clarity.

No longer are we just a blip on the map of the gods.

We are living awareness,

Shining beacons of light that guide us above our own clouds of fear.

When you don’t know where to turn, move inward.

Open your heart to the miracle of the experience.

Allowance of such is the pathway to full consciousness.

It is the road leading to the city of joy.


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When Anger Consumes You


 “Anybody can be angry, but to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, that is not easy.” ~Aristotle

Anger isn’t the kind of emotion that puts the rest of the world in check while it empowers you; it attacks your vital organs while you stand in its systemically destructive path. It has a universal effect from which no one is exempt. It is like an uncontrollable forest fire that begins innocently enough: a little friction coupled with the just right upwind from other’s actions breezing by your personal demons as they stumble over your tripwire triggers.

You may notice becoming engulfed at the slightest poke or rub against a partially healed emotional scab. Your subconscious mind and higher spiritual awareness have been prompting you to understand the presence of your pain, but in the core of your solar plexus, your chained ego flares. Your desire to feel the power of the raging flame takes over, destroying trust, connections, and blessings in your enchanted heart space. When the fire starts to burn, you don’t expect it to spread as rapidly. You have not realized that your angry spirit was quietly pouring gasoline over the people you hold dear and the aspects of your life that mean the most. They are the first to burn alive from the spark of rage in your eyes. As you reach out to try to stop the carnage, relationship ashes fall through your fingers.

And then your fear takes hold.

You realize you are engulfed in a cycle of repression and destruction. Your heart is calloused from the difficult job of hunting resources to rebuild your emotional shelter. There in the rubble of your heart space, lies a truth that quietly awaits your attention.

Repression is a self-worthiness issue. Your repression tells you in the voice of a familiar teacher that your anger is not acceptable.

There has been a societal conditioning against speaking emotional truth and that such negative emotions are meant to be hidden, avoided. It would be better to kill a video game character than to bother busy parents with an emotional issue; it is more socially acceptable to express niceties in public and rage on your family at home. We are not supposed to be angry about the things others do to us, but instead turn the other flushed cheek, stuff it away. Relax, forget about it and pretend to be grateful. Suck it up, have a drink, watch television, absorb yourself in other people’s drama, and eat an entire package of cookies. Have sex with someone you don’t care about, manipulate other’s confidences in you, play games with their emotions. Repress, act out. repress, repress, repeat.

This veneer is a carcinogen in the collective human experience that has touched all of us and eroded our mental well-being. It is the reason for senseless violence and successful sale of fear based news. Those of us that repress have this mental, emotional, and spiritual tick that causes a desire to find something to be angry about that has nothing to do with the storm that rages within, therefore the absolution of personal responsibility is complete. Rage is the result of the fear of anger becoming so profound, that spirit, under the weight of it all, explodes in a volatile eruption to discover truth through destruction. The unbalanced ego comes into play, stopping the misplaced soul search to hunt down hapless containers to poison.

When anger has developed into a hot, compact coal used unwieldy in the blind projection of heated words and unexpressed hurts, the only outcome you can expect is more destruction. Anger is commonly used to hide vulnerability as it stands as a venomous gate keeper at the most tender area of the heart. It confuses you into believing that your outbursts are justifiable, that you need not look at yourself, because you were wronged by the presence of another person’s issues, inconvenienced by anxiety over their problems. It is the cardinal emotion of victim mentality. And as you reflect on your own process of anger, a hidden truth is present in all that surrounds you: car, house, job, money, platitudes, and pleasantries alike.

You can own lifetimes of treasures, but it means nothing if you can’t own your shit.

A Prayer for the Angry Spirit:

Thank you demons within me

I see you manifest around me

I run with you in the direction of my truth

I open myself to your teachings

I release myself from judgment

I am worthy of my authentic emotional state

Sitting with your anger, giving it attention and a voice will soothe the burn and open a new doorway to your heart. There you will discover broken dreams, hurts and unresolved disappointments at the fiery hearth. This is your sacred space to mourn the losses, and rebuild confidence in your life. When you freely express your emotions, you free the hearts of others, for they too will have the courage to say I am angry, I am disappointed, I am hurt. I forgive.

Happiness is the elixir of holiness, dispensed from the center of an open heart. Be unafraid to access your holiness by acknowledging the scope of its vastness and the wide range of mixed feelings, uncontrollable love, and unkempt frailty that is your greatest power.


The Anjana Network Takes a Fall Break + Prepares for a Kick Ass 2015



When I began The Anjana Network, November 12, 2012, I never could have imagined the way that creating this publication would impact other’s lives and my own. I was so afraid to write, to share my voice and my soft, vulnerable heart. As I learned empowering ways to open my heart to the world, I was met with the challenge of accepting my purpose.

When our purpose is laid before us, it is a sacred garment. When we first put it on, we have no idea how we are supposed to look in it and the foreign texture of it against our skin can make us want to run for our good ol’ comfy sweats. For me, my purpose, the purpose to create, inspire, and share love made itself present through writing, connecting with my heroes, sharing their stories, and making great friends in you, my beloved readers and has been the greatest gift of my life. It has challenged me to be at my best and continue the process of personal enlightenment.

With such incredible abundance and this fall break, I am very excited to announce next season’s OUTRAGEOUS, inspiring, and thought provoking heroes of our creative culture, literary works, and community.  I am excited to visit virtual countries and meet expatriates of the mundane. I am here to learn teach and grow with you. Thank you!



Coming soon from Anjana Love Dixon:




START IN THE DARK: The Sacred Process of Opening the Heart and Creating a (real) Life.


By: Anjana Love Dixon

In this book I take you on a journey inward through your darkness and into the deep center of the heart where illumination begins and the answers to your creative purpose lie waiting to be revealed. Complete with the Activate Your Life! Soul Workbook  + Reference guide, Start in the Dark challenges you to discover and create your (real) life one truth at a time.


Activate your life graphic

The Activate Your Life Creative Wisdom Community:

A private space tucked away on google+ for free thinkers, spiritual seekers, and creative ambitionists. Come discover community, connect to your truth, and join me for monthly wisdom calls that will assist the opening of your heart for the journey to limitless self-expression.

Rebelle Society:



Anjana Love Dixon + Thought Leader Faisal Hoque discuss the “age of creativity.”

Faisal Hoque the author of Everything Connects is an entrepreneurial thought leader who believes that mindfulness, compassion, and creativity are at the heart of every successful endeavor. Anjana and Faisal discuss how we can contribute to this creative renaissance and talk about his efforts to bring light to a new way to create a better world.

Teaching Moments:



My sacred time with teachers is the greatest gift. I will be continuing my learning quest under the tutelage of the most empowering teachers of creative growth, The Desire Map guru Danielle LaPorte + Book Mama Linda Sivertsen in The Beautiful Writers Group. This is the place where I am held accountable, learn to be my most authentic, and learn to hone my greatness.  Andrea Balt the mastermind behind Rebelle Society, Rebelle Wellness and Creative Rehab has my creative wheels spinning in Creative Troublemaking 101. This isn’t just another e-course about learning to create, this is a holistic lifestyle endeavor that will empower your stamina to create your best work and find a voice to express it!




We Can Make a Difference: Jem and the Holograms Week!



With Special Guest SAMANTHA NEWARK, The voice of Jerrica/Jem!



Join us for a totally outrageous week of insights from the show, Jem fan art, and a stellar SpreeCast Vlog and #FridayFive Interview with Samantha.





Activate your life graphic



The Activate Your Life! Creative Community is an interactive empowerment group to help you, the conscious artists recharge, connect, share and develop the soul wisdom it takes to make your (REAL) life unfold. 

In this group, we hold the space for spiritual seekers looking for meaning in the mystery. We offer support for energy workers and wellness enthusiasts with holistic wellness discussions. We witness the unification of powerful beings who know they are destined for the path to greatness, who look for abundance through the struggle, and always expect the best outcome of their efforts.

This is a call to home base.




Connection – Be heard and healed on monthly wisdom calls with Anjana.

Community – Discover a support system of whole-hearted dreamers, seers, feelers, and doers.

Creative Inspiration- Develop the heart of your purpose, call it into action and promote your endeavors with other fully present members of the group.

Consciousness- Lead and participate in conversations on life path, relationships, mindfulness, and holistic wellness.


We welcome positive and uplifting people to enhance to creative power of the group.





answering the call

This Week On The Anjana Network, Make an Impact With Your Purpose!



“First say to yourself what you will be, then do what you have to do.” Epictetus

Desire. Awareness. Conversation. Action. Support.

The universe is waiting eagerly to share these gifts with you as you are leading your hero’s journey. You may, perhaps, only feel the goose bumps rise in a quick and perfect moment or rub your temples during a foggy inkling that (reveals ever so slightly) you have something incredible to offer the world. Where is the missing piece?  Let the tears flow and lead you on a path to discovery.

You know deep down within the sacred walls of your heart, between every beat, is a whisper: Teacher. Healer. Visionary. Mother. Wife. Thought Leader. Rock Star. Activist.

You see signs within the goings on of the everyday that carry a significant meaning, a deeply intimate inside conversation between you and life. Phrases, songs, lines from poetry, and connection with everyday strangers have been opening your senses toward what you have known all along. You have a greater purpose than to just simply exist, you’re a little bit alien, and the call is on the line. You freeze because you know an answered call cannot be unanswered.

What you want matters. What you love is waiting. What you’re meant for is already yours.

To answer the call to your heart is an act of courageous self-loyalty, especially when you are faced with unfavorable circumstances from carrying the burden of an unclear vision to an imbalanced support system. This week on The Anjana Network, we are going to help you get clear, focused, and find the resolve to take your next unique step into your highest purpose. We honor the heart whisper in you.



Activate Your Life! Build confidence in your purpose with a five-step guide to eliminating perfectionism and maximizing your moxie.


Soul Restoration: Anjana shares how the spiritual benefits of answering the call to your sacred purpose can lead to greater harmony in your world.


Relationship Asylum: Is your mate intimidated by your super-powers? Do you find your relationship suffers under the weight of success? In this how-to-heal guide, Anjana imparts love wisdom to help your relationship Survive the Super-Power Struggle.


#LifesWork: A new column that showcases creative works from rogue visionaries, scarred tribe leaders, and creative healers that have alchemized pain into artful purpose. This week Kali Meister shares her musing “The Greatest Rape Joke Ever Told.”


#RebelleYell: Anjana will share her favorite wisdom bites and acts of creative rebellion from the internet’s number one artist collective.

 *Cover photo by Ryan Deboodt


The Divine Exchange

night lights

I had the most incredible dream last night. I was walking through a busy city that also had rolling green hills on either sides of its urban landscape. It was a the perfect balance between the pastoral and the metropolitan, the superficial and the transcendent.

Beside me appeared a young girl. Neither of us had ever met in the real world or the dream world. But even though her face was unrecognizable, I knew who she was. As we were walking along the rolling hills, with the grass tickling our feet, we watched the sun peek between skyscrapers, with light beams smiling through the cracks between buildings as if they were cousins to the persistent flowers growing between the cracks of the concrete.

“Sun shine.” I said, as the sun shined brighter. The girl beside me asked me what I was doing. I told her, “I am making my world.”

“You’re making your world?” she repeated with a confused look on her face. Her black bangs tickled her eyelashes as her eyebrows raised. She certainly was dubious.


We continued to walk through the greenery, as if in a processional. The traffic on the busy city street suddenly became heavy as we arrived toward an intersection. I vaguely remember the impossible landscape at this junction: water on either side of the four way stop.

“Look.” I said as I pointed over to the intersection. I began to open my mouth in song. The trees bowed to the gusts of wind coming from my heart center. The girl kept her eyes fixed on the intersection where traffic was stopped at a red light.

“Go now!” I called toward the stopped cars at the red light. The traffic light turned green and the traffic was no longer backed up. It flowed freely and quickly until the cars became streaks of light.

“Stop now!” All activity stopped in an instant.

The street disappeared into itself and we were left in the middle of a rolling hill.  I looked down at a dandelion between my toes. “Thank you,” I said as I bowed to the blessing of nature.

“You can do that?” The girl asked tearfully. I looked at her and said, “Of course. So can you.” And as I touched her shoulder reassuringly, I flashed to another dream.

Your reality

This morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I felt a serious energy disturbance in my house again, as if I was being watched. (Eric had felt it also, a week or so previously. In his dream he saw red eyes staring at a distance and cooled the angry energy while in his true form.)

I had forgotten all about the dream and the power I possessed in the dream. I only felt the need to withdraw, protect myself.  I felt like the little girl in my dream, and not the all powerful goddess that can harness the power of the universe in the palm of her hand.

I went upstairs and entered the sanctuary. I needed resolve. I approached the altar. I heard myriad whispers from the higher guidance that is a strong presence in this house that Eric calls “Friend.”

“There is a negative presence in this house, and it needs to be removed.” I queried. I instantly began to move with rapid pace as if I knew exactly what to do.

I lit a sage wand and began making a processional through the house wearing my husband’s slip on sandals he left in the middle of the foyer last night. I remember deciding not to say anything about his shoes, but to let them just be there. His energy is so beautiful and grounding. He is usually with me to hold space for spiritual journeys such as this, and today was no different, even though he is not physically present. Wearing his shoes rooted me. I longed for his kiss.

We took our ritual into the secret garden.  As I saw the smoke waft through the air, I lifted my arms in gratitude. In divine exchange, rain drops gently fell as the sacred smoke unfurled to the heavens.

I suddenly recalled my dream and felt a tremendous shift. I realized that I stood at the epicenter of The Divine Exchange just last night. I told my younger, unrecognizable self what to do in an act of quantum healing and future planning.

As I sit here in my sacred space within sacred spaces throughout our multiverse, I watch the clouds billow by like white sage smoke. I feel connected to the magic of the mountains and I feel at peace with the energy in my home within homes: body, mind, spirit, and house. All are the same. This is a place of inspiration and divine guidance, complete with astute protection; I have had the pleasure of a wasp’s company for three days now. Yesterday, he stung a visitor I had not seen in quite some time on the hand.

Had I not awakened from the hard landing of dream travel, feeling the film of humanity, not enough sleep, and slightly clogged sinus passages, I would not have made the passage to clear my home, my heart, or my mind this morning. My vulnerability is a powerful guide and good student. She challenges me to learn to teach, and blesses me with teaching ability so that I may learn.


Mercury Retrograde: Prepare for The Winged Foot Journey


Here We Are Again.

October 4-26 marks the final opportunity in 2014 for us to take an introspective look inward, heal the past, and solidify the future with the assistance of Mercury Retrograde.

In order for there to be space for us to do such meaningful work, we need to unplug.  

The retrograde is a time to reconnect with essentials and leave distractions aside. Electronic devices, heavy decisions, and travel plans that aren’t meant to come to fruition be will not come to pass, but instead provide learning lessons in full presence, developing awareness, and grounded decision making. This doesn’t meant that you have to wait eight weeks to land a new client or take your dream vacation until the retrograde is over; It is a time to learn effective communication skills amidst everyday challenges in order to develop the resolve it takes to create abundance.

Because Mercury is a communication planet, those born under the sign of Virgo and Gemini are ruled by the planet’s cycles. This means that Mercury Retrograde will heighten sensitivity. Since most Virgos struggle with self-expression because of their tender vulnerability, this time of year is a sacred event for the rooted earth signs to elevate by expressing emotions and aspirations never before expressed.  For Gemini, this is a time for the gust of ungrounded duality withing the attributes of the air sign to find solid direction.


In the Roman pantheon, Mercury is known as the god of financial gain, commerce, and eloquence. Mercury acted as a messenger to the gods, travelling space-time at the speed of light with winged feet and a clear directional path.

“And we said our dreams would carry us, but if they don’t fly we will run.”  ~Santigold

For those of you that dare to follow the winding path of Mercury through surrender, release and blind faith, your movement at the speed of light, from one reality to another, will break barriers that have prevented them from creating abundance with previous attempts at success. The momentum gained from the velocity of your spiritual travels will carry you through to victory.

Mercury will reveal your allies by aligning you with those that have the power to support your winged foot journey. This will naturally create a communication breakdown with situations that are not beneficial to your highest good. Let it happen, surrender to the journey.

Stop! Don’t throw your computer across the room. If you are having a hard time with your electronic devices, you may need to reconsider how much time you are spending on them. Retreat to nature’s mainframe. Stand in the silence of the woods; let the breeze speak to you, for Mercury appears as a gust of wind leaving his message in a whisper against your skin.

Hold on to your travel plans! If you have planned your adventure to the benefit of your overall financial situation, there will be no issue. Mercury seeks to protect your life and assets by throwing a wrench in the works of anything meant to make you less fortunate. Have confidence in the plan and move forward.

Mercury travels in retrograde so that we don’t have to live in the past. If we are able to sustain a sense of objectivity and non-attachment to creating new dialogue in our personal story, we will only gain during these times of universal re-evaluation. The profound impact Mercury has may at first be cataclysmic, but in order to create abundance, our sense of lack and the aspects of our lives that speak to unworthiness will be destroyed.