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eWomen Network, the premier women’s networking group in North America understands the  need for an empowered community of women to change the world. eWomen strives to educate women to reach their highest potential by setting heart-centered goals.

Thursday July 24:

Master Your Systems: Five Strategies to Make More Money, Find More Time and Have More Fun

eWomen Network invites you to an “Accelerated Networking Luncheon” here at the powerhouse Knoxville chapter where you will have the opportunity to share about your business with other passionate business owners, successful entrepreneurs, and visionary women.

Every  goddess needs three objectives in order to manifest success:

  • Make more money with less effort
  • Skyrocket your productivity
  • Wake up each day feeling inspired and alive

At this luncheon you will not only learn these elements from our esteemed keynote, Laura Gisborne, you will be able to connect with incredible women like you and begin fostering the greatest business relationships of your life.

About Keynote: Laura Gisborne











Laura Gisborne is passionately dedicated to co-operative entrepreneurism—having designed and built nine businesses, the first when she was just 23 years old. Laura’s business wisdom is supported by 20 years of successful entrepreneurial endeavors ranging from six- figure boutique businesses to multi-million dollar corporations. The founder of Powered With Passion, Laura’s systematic business approach empowers entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to actualize their dreams with ease and grace. Laura’s expertise is helping entrepreneurs discover exactly what their core values and strengths are to create the congruency of personal values with their professional expression.

Facilitated by: Rebecca Miller










Executive Managing Director
for Knoxville


Business Consulting and Entrepreneurial Training with Rebecca Speaking


In addition to business training, Rebecca is also the Executive Managing Director for the Knoxville, TN Chapter of eWomen Network. She facilitates three networking events monthly and invites you to be a guest!

Rebecca has a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Sociology from Maryville College. She was a financial advisor and stockbroker for seven years with Hilliard Lyons and Morgan Keegan. Rebecca was the Executive Managing Director for the Portland, Oregon Chapter of eWomen Network, a premier International business networking group. She hosted over sixty networking events in two years and has facilitated dozens of seminars. She shares her expertise regularly as an inspirational and educational speaker.


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{Book Excerpt} Start in The Dark: The Art of Human Error


You fucked up. You didn’t expect to either. You thought everything was going to be perfect because after all, of course, you are human. If you are anything like me, when you think of your mistakes, the misspoken words, the last conversations that led to broken relationships and fissures in the souls of others, you feel guilty. When you read this book, you will recognize parts of yourself that you wished had not been uncovered. Little shreds of your sense of self-confidence in your decision making skills erode every time you blame yourself. Let the sting fade from your cheeks. Turn off the playback of all the mistakes you remembered just now. It’s going to be alright.

Stop wasting your time thinking about the possibility of different events, what could have gone better. Your mind will attempt to rationalize that you cannot let go of information on your greatest disaster. People in robes will tell you the moral effect of your transgressions. Books may tell you how to alleviate your struggle and maximize your power while other philosophies will postulate that you were never actually here, and thus the mistake never happened. None of this eases the isolation and sorrow that floods our veins when we know we have done less than our best and it has affected someone else.

Our mistakes carry so much weight that we have created special apparatuses to carry them. Emotional baggage is our psyche trying to categorize, and therefore make sense of all of our failings, deeming them as psychological biohazards to be placed in safety containment and dropped off at the nearest landfill.  The problem lies in the belief that our mistakes are poisonous waste products that have zero ability to transform.

Moralists would argue that this is why the human condition needs a savior. The crux of moralism is in the creation of myth against visceral reality.  Religion is there to tell us what to do with the parts of ourselves that are inherently dirty and wrong as opposed to seeing them as portals of transformation. This bias is why we see sects of western religion as mom and pop novelty operations instead of the collective consciousness and searing truth that we are desirous to consume.

We humans enter into a state of observation upon birth, but it is our biases that get us into trouble. One bias is to believe that we have inherent sin and that our mistakes are a reflection of this soiled state. Because religion is supposed to make civil what is savage within us, we quiet the primal awareness to change; we become weakened by the fear of an invisible force’s displeasure with what is meant to be an individual experience.

We have created prejudices and judgments around all that we believe is a mistake or a perceived weakness in our lives and when we view the world, we begin to see with the same eyes that have determined right and wrong, good and evil. Innocent passers-by along our life path are observed and evaluated according to their level of moral strength.  Gender, race, physical fitness, religious belief, socio-economic status and other human constructs are all fair game in determining levels of supremacy. None of the aforementioned criteria absolve any of us from the greatest of errors; however our greatest errors lie in that we believe that such criteria have the power to perfect us.

So now that we have identified this mind fuck, what are we going to do about it?


#FridayFive: Photography Goddess Mallory Bertrand

Unassuming Portland native, Mallory Bertrand is a dark horse in fashion photography. You wont see her coming until you are destroyed a little inside from the vulnerability and beauty of her work. She deftly pulls unrelated elements of nature and ephemera together to tell a story in one shot. In her own words, Mallory shares how her gift as an artist has changed her perception.

#FF:  What does being an artist mean to you?

MB: Being an artist is everything about me. I have always been involved in art whether it be music, painting, drawing , or photography.  It is me being able to create something no one has seen and making them say wow with a plain canvas and turning it into a vibrant piece of magic.

Art is me.

#FF: How have you developed a relationship with the camera?

MB: I don’t know what I would do without my camera.

 #FF: When was your most fearful moment in your creative process?

MB: My most fearful moment was probably developing my ice queen shoot. I had the vision and was hoping all things would fall into place as we were working against nature.  The goal site was frozen waterfall.  We had to battle ice, snow, freezing water and on top of it all, freezing temps.  Luckily I had the most amazing model who was willing to do what it took to get the shot.


#FF: Where have you seen a difference in your work since you first began?

MB:  the biggest difference is the experience itself.  I have come so far in learning how to use the elements to get the best quality photo. I have always had my own style, but mastering it and learning new things over the years has helped me become a better photographer. 

 #FF: Who inspires you to be the person you are today?

MB: Everyone. I cant say there is just one person. The love amd encouragement I get from the many people I work with inspires me. It Makes me believe I can keep going and keep creating bigger and better.

Are you an emerging creative goddess? submit your story to #FridayFive


Detoxing Shame: A 5-fold Path

Shame is a hit and run driver in a woman’s life. It gets drunk on her innocence and optimism. It careens down the highway of the soul, swerving, picking off the freedom to just be.

It is such a regular presence that we don’t even realize has taken root in our most sacred palace and extends itself like an infinite redwood into our higher selves. We cannot see our greatest selves beyond  giant shame trees that provides shade for our demons of guilt, while we sweat in the harshness of the midday sun of our hang-ups, begging to believe we are worthy.

At the crossroads of any decision to be made, shame is there ready to blame you when you follow the path of least resistance. To have awareness, an ethical compass, higher consciousness, compassion and values is not synonymous with shame but many of us confuse this notion and create sorely misguided spiritual practices, bruising our knees and getting a little more neurotic with each passing day. It is zealotry that has prevented we humans from reaching our full potential by attaching shame to our natural instincts and devising laws to protect our human nature from ourselves.

This insidious consciousness feeds on the living goddess: her beauty, her desires, her feelings, her accomplishments, even her anatomy and her bank account. It keeps her from taking a leap toward the impossible. It is what keeps her pinned to the rough tree of ignorance in the public sphere. She becomes the target of  politics based on subtle quiet terror whispering to us to hide or be destroyed. “Hide your shame. Cover up or pay the high price.”

Look Between your Legs.

The vagina is a living sentient entity all of its own. It is the muse of mystery and the stuff of legend. It thinks, feels, cleanses itself and guides our ethical compass. It is a trickling fountain of creation and an ever budding flower of deep Goddess Wisdom.  When looked upon it incites the current of nature. It is tied to the moon, who also steers the greatest sea fearers to their charted course and protects sleeping children at night. It has been called the way to heaven and the path of destruction. It is the most unique aspect of a woman, and the secret to her undeniable magnetism.

Because of the fearsome power of feminine delights, the vagina has become the breeding ground for shame. For those that have an uncontrollable violent urge to usurp this luminescence, the almighty finger points back to the source. We are sluts if we dress sexy. We should not have looked so enticing or have been weak enough to allow ourselves to get raped. We live in a society where that malignant thinking is seen as balanced, correct. What the ever-loving fuck?

Our responsibility is to illuminate the inherent value of our goddess nature within our own soul work, so we may heal and create a reality where we can be honored for being the bearers of life.

The Problem Lies.

The two orifices on our body that are the essence of creation are incidentally the same orifices we are told to keep closed. We have been instructed to relax and have a seat, drink some tea, don’t worry your poor little head, shut up, you’re weak; you’re a fucking bitch. And as we sit remaining in a quiet half-life homeostasis placated with condescending pleasantries, we die a little inside from not being able to howl at the moon without fearing negative consequences and so we slather on another layer of lipstick, hoping for the best.

We have been challenged by this since the dawn of time. Each generation picks a little piece of the shell to our greatest potential and scatters it as stardust in the sky, leaving a map for future generations. From that intelligence, we are created again and again, the best parts taken to keep replenishing the process of evolution on a constant feminine flow.

The problem is our polar complement, the devolved patriarchy and the devolved matriarchy, has amputated Goddess power. They fought dirty. They burned books, they burned us. They took away our young and they bled us to death. They took the most important parts of sacred myth and changed our names to their own. They called us cunts while they were the ones grooming little girls into child whores to traffick.

They created a bio-weapon in a system of lies that could induce the worst of emotions and implant terminal malignancies. They had to go into the bowels of their own fractured psyche and discover all that goes against the laws of nature in order to create an illusory uprising designed to make us believe that somehow it is our fault for existing. Then finally, they pit us against one another in a competition that spans the gamut of vulnerability, shame and guilt to see which of our asses deems us fit for a title.

Goddesses, we have been demeaned. But there is beauty in the presence of a challenge. There is undiscovered love present in the struggle.

Too Scared to Ask?

I have recently had an influx of success in my life and it has triggered this internal firing round:

Is it really possible to have what I want?  Should I have what I want? Am I selfish if I want to be wealthy? Does it mean that I am a slut if I love sex or dress as sexy as I feel? Do I get a choice in matters that pertain to me? How do I get to eat in peace or buy a pair of shoes freely?

We all ask these questions over and over in our minds but many of us never utter them. We feel defective if we admit our feelings. We get smothered by guilt too easily if we give into our desires. We feel we do not deserve even the smallest victories and when they happen to us, we shut down, go manic, get depressed and what have you.

Take the Test.

The next time you feel inclined to indulge yourself, check out your shame crashing your party for even wanting whatever it is that you desire. Give in to your desire. Feel your guilt suffocate you afterward. It is the part of the darkness in a woman.

 For the love of the Goddess, what can be done?

I spent time with Goddesses that are on the fast track to their best selves. The women in my life are wise; they are very successful or are opening the door to great lifetime successes. In my recent conversations with them, we all concurred that success was actually making us depressed.

Inside me, this depression went beyond the feelings of transition — an old aspect of creation dying to a new reality with different responsibilities. No. This felt like disease.

But I am happy, I am really happy.

So how come I felt the need for permission to be happy because for some reason my inner mother goddess judged otherwise? My inner mother goddess is based on my parental figures being an evil hag and a cripple, so I am already fucked in the happy department. I have to work on it hard.

So when I spent quality time with a little libation and some meditation after my heart was exposed to fierce women of love, truth and glory, I began to see all the places shame was hidden. I saw shame written on all the toe tags of the best parts of myself that were murdered in cold blood.

I feel shame when I spend money, when I don’t eat clean, when I don’t exercise, you know the usual suspects. But I also feel shame when I love someone and when someone loves me. I feel shame when someone else does something wrong that is in some way related to me. I feel shame when I tell sad people how well I am doing. I feel shame so much so that my doctorate degree has yet to be framed, but is sitting under a stack of old tax information (what a metaphor). So when I held my hand a little longer to the flame, I realized that my success induced depression is based in shame.

Shame is the only tether that can hold a person back from their greatest joy and possessing the ability to actually soak it in. Shame has often been mistaken as modesty just like a healthy dose of confidence has been mistaken as an over active ego. When a goddess creates something, there is no shame in it. It is a beautiful thing, even if it is ugly to someone else. We have our own interpretations, motivations, and evolution. There is plenty of space for all aspects of the goddess, but we have yet to believe that. So we take the smallest crumbs of happiness and martyr ourselves thinking it is the right thing to do. All it does is create a victim mentality that gets everyone slapped around in some way or another.

No longer will I season my food, look at my naked body, taint my relationships or my vagina with shame. The switch has been flipped, my scope is magnified. Even though I will be able to see it more clearly, there are some practices that I need to put in place to ensure that I can properly heal. Here is what I plan to do. I want you to practice this with me. Tell me how it has helped you.

1.    I will identify moments when I feel shame immediately.

Yesterday I sat by a stream and wrote all identifiable ways I felt shame on one side of a sheet of paper. On the other side, I wrote loving promises to myself as antidotes.

e.g.: Side one: I feel shame when I spend money. Side two: I will spend money consciously and freely.

Each side needs a solution. Each aspect needs to attain balance.

2.    I will be honest about my feelings and own my shit.

I have a hard time discussing how I feel about things sometimes. So instead of beating around the bush and saying what I think the other person wants me to say, I will be honest even when it hurts. I will own all of my thoughts, feelings and actions without attaching definitions that will ultimately diminish my value.

3.    I will celebrate my victories without guilt.

As a little girl, whenever something amazing happened in my life, I was either punished for it, or it was taken away from me before it could come to fruition. I will recognize the triggers that prevent me from receiving all good things that I deserve, and I will honor the fruit of my hard efforts with extravagant self-love. I will display my doctorate degree and buy the book I was published in last year.

4.    I will love myself as I love others.

I have one of those topsy-turvy heart-minds that tend to give out more love than I give myself.  Somewhere in the recesses of my mind between my mother telling me to shut up and a date rape attack, I thought the safest option for me was to just love other people and reject the love given to me by glossing over it.  After countless clinical trials of failed relationships, weight gained and lost, and finally diabetes diagnosed, I have learned that this is not the right approach. I will be fiercely protective of my personal time, I will say no when I need to. I will foster intimacy with myself during times of solitude. I will make myself laugh. I will have hopes and dreams for myself. I will be my top priority and never compromise my needs for others.

5.    I will receive

I noticed that shame clogs all of the receptors to blessings. So as I go through the cleansing process, I will amplify my channels to receive. I will absorb the beauty of life and not hold anxiety on a pedestal, catering to its every whim.  I will remember that the love I extend is the love that I deserve. My work holds high value and I deserve to be honored for honorable efforts. I will accept the fact that I am unique and beautiful, and revel in the joy that I feel when others notice me. I will open my heart to receiving truth in areas that are hard to hear, seeing this as an act of love not a shaming punishment.

The Antidote:

Love always takes the sting out of every painful moment. We are never too old cry when it hurts and have our wounds kissed better. Goddesses, we are a tribe. It is our duty to do this for one another. Let us  love one another. This the greatest act of self-love. For the comfort we give to one another, is the healing we receive manifold.


3 Habit Energies to Awaken Your Undefinable Self.

We are holy, pussy-gushing, sexpot-wrathful deities. We have converging realities and lifetimes within the chambers of our hearts. We are unpredictability incarnate. We kill with a glance and heal with our hands. We are the muse of the universe’s architecture. We are warriors, nurturers, creators and destroyers holding up the world and giving birth to it at the same time. We dance between life and death, our breasts bouncing and thighs jiggling along the horizon of the unknown, making the earth quiver under our feet. We are the hive mind of great omnipotence.

Goddesses, this is your rightful linage, surrender to it.

I know you would probably rather me not say you must surrender to a reality but this type of surrender is transcendent. This is the stuff of devastating elevation.

Give it up. Frighten yourself with your shameless femininity. Hand over your disbelief. Kill misconceptions.


Tear down walls. Break down secret doors. Fall down bottomless wells. Fly through ceilings. Run as fast as you can toward the ease of letting the tears flow from the softness of your heart. This is your only chance to discover what is hidden behind the illusion of fear, the resentment of your vulnerability, and the attachment to everything you think you actually own.

Being a goddess does not mean that you are jaded – that you are steeled and toughened by the world and don’t need anyone. You need love. You need care. You need a partner and you need solitude. You require a good cry as much as a good orgasm. Allow yourself to need.




Enlightenment is not only the realization of knowledge but the allowance of it assimilating in you. It is not about the airy fairy new age half-truths or spiritual burdens of being the chosen one come to save the world, it is about becoming aware of how you operate without attaching judgment to what you think that says about you. You have a lot to learn about yourself in the spark of life that lasts for just a brief moment. Go within to find the answers to life’s mysteries. They are encoded in your DNA. They are whispered in the breath. They are your lucid dreams.

Enlightenment is about living guilt free because you know and love what you know. You have full access to Nirvana when you can love yourself beyond your meanness, your weakness, and even your brilliance. You stand in the middle of the spectrum of each and every emotion ever felt and you can access all or one in an instant. You are the magician of a future emotional culture; don’t cloud it with holding back from full expression. You are no one and everyone. There is no expression that is unworthy.


Freak out the normals, bend time, live aloud. The smallest fraction of a moment is new life. Learn of the inner workings of the creative realm in the small details.

Being a shape-shifter means that you are not just adaptable and accepting of change, you embody change itself. Preparing the heart and mind for change requires your true form to neutralize your finite fear-based self. Change your mind, body, lovers, or any situation that could serve your highest good more effectively whenever you need and wherever are. The more universal a goddess, the more empowered she becomes. She forgets how it felt to compensate for others. She knows how to say no. She celebrates reinvention; she realizes the muse is herself.

Shape-shifting requires you to morph on an atomic level. It is a volatile chain reaction of leaping from one reality to another on a dime, tying new strands of space-time together while unraveling those that lead you back to your former self.

Shape-shifting is essential if you wish not to sell your soul to your story.

The most important gift you could give yourself is permission to change. You are not the family history that was handed down to you, you are not your genetic composition, you are not your failings or even your greatest dreams. You are the Universe, ever unfolding on a continuum of reinvention. You created the world. You created your body in your image. It is yours to do with as you intend.

Adorn yourself with the unknown. Wrap spiritual androgyny around your finger and adorn it with your crown jewel. All hail the goddess.








#FridayFive: Fashion Goddess Brigid KO


Brigid KO’s star is fast on the rise.

Her commanding presence and ethereal beauty is the jaw dropping fuel that is the essence of her work.  She has discovered art in environmentalism, repurposing rubber inner tubes from tire graveyards into haute couture.  Her art has caught the eye of the A-lister crowd – she has recently dressed one of Lady Gaga’s dancers in her epic creations.

It has been an exciting pleasure to see Brigid’s  Goddess Magick in action over the years, from the time she started with accessories and small collections combining soft femininity and the gritty world of industrial ingenuity.

#FF: Who/What is your muse right now?

BKO: Inspiration comes in phases and at the moment, I have been looking at sculptural artwork and metalwork throughout the ages. I’ve been doing research on and experimenting with metals: soldering, welding, making cold connections, etc. And I am about to do some research on forging and firing. I’m excited about incorporating metalwork to my pieces. I am always studying new techniques and I find endless inspiration in the trial and error that comes from that self education.


#FF: What does your creative process look like? 

BKO: I go through phases of learning and then refining. I’ve been so excited about teaching myself new techniques lately that it has changed my creative process a bit. Currently, the process involves a lot of research and experimentation. I’m so engaged with learning right now that I am not worried about the final product becoming something a little different than what I had first intended. 
I often start by choosing a group of images- textures and shapes – and focus on the one attribute that I would like to focus on. One piece may be more about silhouette and another about texture….Often, the process of making one piece results in many new ideas of things to create.

#FF: When did you realize fashion was your calling?

BKO: I embraced fashion after I had my first runway fashion show in Nashville, TN. Until then, I had been making pieces as special orders and was either never seeing the customer, or just meeting people in my studio. I had not pictured my work off of a dress form and out in the world. Until the show, still thought of my work more as sculpture.
Once I had the show, saw all of my work all at once, on these amazing, beautiful women, I embraced fashion. I realized how powerful it can be – how people can be both physically and psychologically transformed and empowered. I know fashion will always be part of my fashion-art work.

#FF: Where do you go to revive your spirit?

BKO: I need to get out into nature to revive my spirit. I appreciate beautiful outdoor spaces being easily accessible here. And, I enjoy finding new places to explore for hiking and swimming.


#FF: How do you see yourself evolving as an artist?

BKO: I am always learning and refining. I know that will never change and so my evolution will be endless.

Are you an emerging creative goddess? submit your story to #FridayFive


#FridayFive: Indie Goddesses you Should Know feat. Megan Rox

Nashville  based Megan J. Rox is not just an indie music dream as the front woman of the melodically blessed band Scale Model, she is a goddess aware of her power to manifest, heal, and inspire. On this weeks #FridayFive we talk to Megan about her inspiration and visioning bigger moments to come.

What song(s) is on repeat?

MR: “Hmmm, I haven’t been listening to much new music lately. Some of my fav 2-3 yr old songs are anything from Beach House’s album Bloom, Caveman’s Old Friend.”

What has been your greatest moment as an artist so far?

MR: I’ve had some good ones – anytime someone tells me they love the music I’ve created ;) but the most recent in my memory is one of my favorite producers who agreed to mix our album, came to our show and was up front singing along to the lyrics!

**”I have a new greatest moment- a staff member at Minty Fresh Records in Chicago really likes our music and gave us a licensing contract and is personally managing us to help us get big nationally. He is my angel! I’m so grateful!”

Where do you derive creative inspiration?

MR: “Anywhere the mood strikes me. I keep myself open to possible future song lyrics just going about my day. When you ask for anything and keep yourself open to seeing/hearing what you’re looking for in anything…. Well, that’s where the universe provides. 
Same goes for vocal or keyboard melodies. It’s all divinely guided. Usually my desire to help people improve happiness in their lives (I’m a life coach, professor, and my other career goal is to be a motivational speaker) or to teach people how the universe works- to “wake up” is what inspires most of my lyrics. My song, Plato’s Cave compares Plato’s analogy of the cave to transitioning to the 4th dimension. I also have a vision board that helps inspire me.”

 What does your creative process look like?

MR: “It has to start with connecting to spirit because that’s where my lyrics & melodies come from. I frequently hear a melody pop in my mind and I always record it on my phone’s voice memo app. Or sometimes a melody or harmony from a song I hear on the radio will stick with me and I figure out how to take part of it and change it up to make my own melody. I’m very melody driven in my music and it’s what I look for in other music. I’ve become a bit of a snob when it comes to melodies. If a song doesn’t have a memorable melody, I’m probably not going to listen to it again.”

What is a message you want to share with other rock goddesses?

MR: “Get clear on what exactly it is you love about doing music and focus on that and ask for more of that and be grateful every time you get the opportunity to do it, whether it’s the songwriting part (I’m very grateful to have the connection & synergy to songwrite with my husband), or the performance or any other aspect. The more specific you are with your goals, the faster they’ll come to you. On my vision board is a picture of an auditorium from the stage of a band playing. However, there’s a caveat to that – if you’re not aligned with spirit in what you’re doing- if it’s not really in your nature (as Wayne Dyer likes to call it), than you won’t manifest it.

Ironically, I just wrote a FB post about this yesterday. I don’t know how to copy it here, but you can go to my FB pg, http://www.facebook.com/spiritrox.  Oh, and one of the most important things, You can’t worry about what other people think of you and your art. It’s when you show your true authentic self that people are attracted to you & your music/art.

‘As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.’ – Marianne Williamson”

Are you an emerging creative goddess? submit your story to #FridayFive


The Silent Partner

I am realizing that the center of my being is not a smooth or quiet river, but a steadfast, jagged mountainous core. It is both cavern and summit.

When I dive into the unknown realms of my inmost self, I realized I am buoyed- sustained by fuel that propels me to the top of the mountain, and drags me down to the bowels of the cavern.  I swim in a river of fire, propelled by the quest to understand the ubiquitous force of life. All of it inspires me and the finite expression of it scares me.

I am learning to toughen my feet on the smoldering rocks that once stood tall as exploding volcanoes that once destroyed my city of joy, oftentimes before it was built. Progress has been made.

Oftentimes the temptation to turn away from difficult life work creeps into my consciousness. It tells me to relax, sit down. Take the easy road, but I resist as I am inexplicably drawn to the process of creating my fate.

When you create you own reality, is it still considered fate?

Carl Jung says: “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

And the silent partner reveals itself as I fall into a new reality, shattering my temporal identity.

My silent partner tells me that fate is just a way we separate ourselves from our divine power. There are times when the responsibility of our charted course is too much to bear. We hide behind the largeness of traditional structure while our infinite aspects become undetectable. We are relieved when we do not have to take responsibility for mistakes that others have made, yet each and every choice is interconnected.

We are entitled as conscious beings to work with our silent partner- the larger, uncontained aspects of the force of life, the solvent that dissolves the illusion of separateness. Our humanity is the clothing that make us unrecognizable to our higher form until we master its function.

Life is the greatest costume party.

The most beautiful triumph that we can achieve in life is to be able to look at other revelers that have come to create themselves on land, in the sea and sky and say “Oh silent partner, I knew it was you all along. You look stunning in that shade of night sky.” Life is an intelligent force of relationship.

Tears flow at the majesty of it all and new life is born from the womb of my open heart.

I mourn for those who never feel the burn of love before the silent partner folds into itself.

I cry for the elusive moment, ever fading into new life.

I cry for those who cannot hear their silent partner’s whispers.

I cry for the uninspired. I want to ask them when their light was taken as I share mine with their eroding hearts.

And as I reach the summit of the mountain, I realize I cry for myself.

The swell of inspiration calls me once again to the fiery lake. I drown my ego and strip my body of its victorious skin. I will never arrive.

And as I free fall once again, I realize that my decent is my continuum. I am flying.

I am moving forward.

Billie Myers: Music, Sexuality and Living her Truth.

“The ability to stand up and speak your truth can change a life.”


Seventeen years ago, we were introduced to the raw feminine power that is Billie Myers. She reached into all of us and shook our souls with a message of broken love with wild hearted lyrics.

If your lips feel lonely and thirsty

Kiss the rain

And wait for the dawn

Keep in mind

We’re under the same sky

And the nights

As empty for me as for you

If you feel

You can’t wait until morning

Kiss the rain.

Her second album Vertigo  addresses religion with passionate question, but did not have the commercial success of her 1997 album, Growing Pains.  After a depression diagnosis, Billie released a wildly provocative album called Just Sex,  her liberation in many aspects was spoken deep within a metaphor of reconnecting to an intrinsic aspect of herself.

Now, with her latest album, Tea and Sympathy, Rolling Stone has given its stamp of approval, calling it “electrifying.” Billie has marked a new era of her life as an example of empowerment and authenticity by returning to her roots.  Her stories are her own, now told to ethereal melodies that have accented her life’s ups and downs and the value she holds on emotional connection.

“I was very adamant that that was what I wanted to do. I am really lucky to have people in my camp that tell me the truth every day. A lot of people said you don’t need to tell the story with that intro. That the song should just be three minutes. Even if no one else gets it, this is me starting all over again. This is a new period. One thing I love about songs from the 70s and 80s is that every song had a story. Could you imagine Bohemian Rhapsody as a three min song?”

There comes a time in the journey of the artist where the mask must come off. While everyone has the responsibility for self-care and earning a living, there is a delicate balance between artistic integrity and personal responsibility. In my conversation with Billie, she poignantly shared her personal insights and hard-earned lessons with graciousness and humor. This woman is definitely the real deal, living her stark-naked truth before the entire world of music.

“It’s very hard for any independent artist to try to stay relatively true to themselves.

At the end of the day everybody still has to pay rent, mortgage and gas bill. But there is a moment when an entity or an album is involved and an artist says ‘I will give you two songs but the meat and potatoes of the concept is going to be who I am.’ When you go perform, it has to all be you otherwise you will grow to hate performing.


The most ridiculous things to hear are ‘Sheryl Crow hates performing All I Wanna Do.’ Firstly, it’s the song that put you on the map but secondly, if it was not that representative of you, you should never have done it because that is what your audience bought. I would be miffed if I went to a Sheryl Crow concert and she didn’t play that song. At the end of the day if you’re going to be singing the same song fifty times a year, if not a lot more, you better like it and it better resonate. Every time you sing it, it has to be authentic.”

The access of emotion no matter the period in which her work has been created is the secret to Billie’s ability to continually reinvent her craft and stay connected to the soul of her work. This gift however, has not always appealed to the draconian business model that the struggling commercial aspect of the music industry is holding onto for dear life. They see the methods in which customers obtain music both legally and illegally change drastically with the advancement of technology and are poised to capitalize on short term profitability.

“The music business wants it both ways, they want the number one single, and they want immediacy. They want an album but they create one track and a lot of filler. Then they want to sell albums but they are not making albums they are making singles. Then they complain that they are not making money on singles. Well you knew you weren’t going to make money on singles so why didn’t you think about a long term plan? They concentrate on a market base aimed toward kids because kids will buy singles, but they forget about the older demographic who will buy albums if you have good albums to sell. So they are killing themselves for their own short sightedness but are complaining about it.

I actually had someone play a bit of Eminem in a meeting with me and say ‘if you could get an 8 second sample rate like this, we would be able to work with you. We know you have hits, but production wise, we need you to do it this way.’ Here I am a woman, a bisexual and all you could find to play me was Eminem. How does that resonate with me? We have much bigger issues here.”

At the end of the day, Billie’s passions lie elsewhere.

“What I love most is performing, my end result is figuring out how to get to do that every day of the week. If you look back at the people we say are iconic and legendary, they weren’t hits off the bat. People knew they had to grow.”

Billie has always paid homage to the pains that personal growth entail in her music, but as an LGBT advocate, she has stood in solidarity with a community she oftentimes feels alienated from.  In 2009, Myers sang “America the Beautiful at the National Equality March in Washington, D.C. Before she began, Billie criticized president Barack Obama for failing to mention marriage equality and the battle to ban same-sex marriage in Maine during his speech the previous night at a Human Rights Campaign dinner.

“I can’t tell you how many times I have had conversations with gay men and gay women who tell me ‘it’s just an excuse, you’re on the fence.’

I would be so happy and probably would have been more embraced had I just said that I was gay. It’s no walk in the park saying you’re bi-sexual because you’re not accepted, by some degree, by anybody. Twelve inches extra in one place really doesn’t define whether I am going to fall in love with you. The same person who would say that to me would strap one on anyway. The difference is what exactly? Good sex is a reason to be infatuated but not a reason to fall in love with someone.”

Billie’s deepest desire is to be a catalyst for the evolution of a more honest and compassionate society.

“Small actions can cast long eternal shadows. We all have to take responsibility for how we manifest change. It doesn’t mean we are perfect, I make mistakes every day. You have to acknowledge when you have done that and also be okay about speaking your truth. I’d rather nice than perfect, I would rather compassionate than perfect. Perfection is the ultimate self-deceit.”

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