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Chasing Lakshmi

Anjana Love Dixon —  August 29, 2014 — 2 Comments


Right now I, for the second time in my life, am learning how to pray.

As I reflect on my previous incarnation as a little girl sitting at the right hand of my mother, prayer was terrible and frightening. She had a fever for the Pentecostal tradition that caused her to yell out “hallelujah” during the most quiet, yet still noisy moments of church. How embarrassing it was for me to sit next to her and duck under her hand that seemed to flail involuntarily. How helpless I felt when I saw the tears stream down her worry stricken face.

I learned then that in order for god, who happened to be a man at the time, to hear the cries of his people, they had to roll, scream, hump the ground, cry out in mumblings that not even Babelfish could translate. And they said it was good.

But the people, my mother included, were suffering from terrible physical, emotional, and spiritual maladies that had such a profound hold in their life that they called them demons and this was their last ditch effort at salvation. They were orphans to the light of a god who had devoured their lives. Every week they gathered to commiserate and pray their course be set in an opposite direction. They were Gethsemane incarnate. I could smell the blood.

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 Green Earth Emporium began in 1994 as Eric Dixon’s dream

of giving Knoxville residents the option to purchase items dedicated to conscious living: cruelty free, organic, and environmentally sound. Twenty years later, Dixon has established an institution of generational customers who have come not only for environmentally friendly products, but to also learn about world cultures and religions.

“I have customers that came into the store as children, and now they bring their children into the store. It is very moving to know that I have had such an impact on a community that I value so highly.” Dixon says.


Green Earth Emporium now has visitors, teachers, and spiritual seekers coming from all over the United States for the launch of their intellectual event space and Conscious Library. “Our library will consist of impacting books from members of our community. Customers can bring in gently used books and receive cash or trade that is good toward any item in the store. The best aspect of the library is that it is an imprint of every customer who has benefitted from the wisdom of Green Earth Emporium. Our goal is to continue to cultivate this wisdom.”

The Intellectual event space will hold teachers, workshops, independent film screenings and book launches. Services from therapeutic practitioners, life coaches, and consultants will be available to customers in the welcoming office space.

“I want 2015 to be an act of gratitude toward Green Earthlings, and I plan to provide them with all of the wonderful gifts they have given me over the years,” Dixon states.

For more information on Green Earth Emporium visit


Holistic health empowerment

is not avoidance of a health issue, nor is it the extreme imbalance through the refusal of wellness methods that may assist you in your healing journey.  If you have fears or concerns about your health care provider, seek one that is well versed in the holistic path.  There are many naturopathic doctors that are also medical doctors.  They will help you to acclimate to a lifestyle of healing while honoring your beliefs.  You have the right to choose your doctor.

An important aspect of holistic wellness is knowing your options, both allopathic and holistic, before making important decisions regarding your medical condition or preserving your health.  A Passive relationship with your doctor and/or your symptoms is not a guarantee for the best treatment or optimum health.  It is important for you to be aware of medical advances, recalls, side effects and other factors that will help you in maintaining your well-being. Working in concert with your doctor will create a relationship of mutual respect and free flowing information.


Doing important research on pharmaceuticals related to your condition could be the difference between life and death.  Many pharm companies produce medicines that cover more than one ailment and subsequently treat a wide variety of health issues. Research the effects of the drug on previous patients specific to your condition and weigh the long-term cost of the effects it may have on your body.

It is also imperative that you research your doctor.  Does your doctor specialize in your health status? Know your health history when you go for your annual visit and be ready to ask pointed questions about the outcomes of other patients your prospective doctor has seen.

Do the Work:

Your health care begins with you, not when you are preparing for a doctor visit two weeks before.  Take care of your health with regular exercise, healthy eating, and well-managed emotions.  Make the grocery store your pharmacy, and fresh air a daily ritual. Hydrate your body and feed your mind positive messages.  Treat yourself with the utmost of sacred care.  When the time comes to visit with your doctor you will be relaxed and appreciative of your endeavors to better health.

Decisions, Decisions: 

Every health decision is a step toward a day without pain. Your life is precious and each aspect must come into account for your total health.  Seek to make your decisions in a global way that will benefit your mental-emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.  Each aspect of you needs to remain in harmonious balance in order for your quality of life to remain beneficial.


The Tumeric Miracle! 



The life of Orange Is The New Black star Alysia Reiner

is an act of love and creativity. With mindful attention to her craft, the broadening of the depth of field of her characters appears to be second nature. As a humanitarian her efforts to raise awareness for the conservation of our planet’s resources are tireless. This week the award winning actress prepares for the Emmy Awards on August 25, standing in solidarity with the women of #OITNB, as the Netflix Original Series makes Emmy History.

With the emergence of her new role at the helm of Broad Street Pictures alongside Sarah Megan Thomas(“backwards”), she puts her multi-dimensional talents to intricate work as she carves an empowered place for women’s roles on the big screen.

In her own words, Alysia shares her #GoddessWisdom on this week’s #FridayFive:

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