Bargain Hunting

The Enigma of my Desire Dali

The Enigma of My Desire or My Mother, My Mother, My Mother ~Salvador Dali

If you are bargaining, begging, stealing, wishing, hoping, desiring, or clinging to false security for guarantees in life, stop. You are wasting the time you already have and you are supplicating for something that is far less tangible than touching ghosts drifting in the wind. There are many subtle forms of greed to which we are susceptible.

The frightening world full of its mishaps, accidents, deaths, tragic illnesses and imperfections is just one aspect of a beautiful interpretation of life.  It is the framework of humanity in its glorious fragility.  Serving as a reminder to what we really have during times of prosperity, the deliciousness of the sunlight can only be felt if we allow the coldness of winter to cut us to the bone.

Allowing the energy of chaos to flow through our lives is a necessary strengthener of our resolve, survival and gratitude.  When we return from the war-torn ravaged life with a new perspective in the scars that we wear, we are given a transformative passport to a new world. We are able to transcend our own selfishness and realize that within our own little world of worries, predicaments and lies that we have security, there is a bigger picture.

During the holiday season, society is much more vulnerable to the chaos of life.  Hurts cut deeper, losses are more grievous and so many people are pushed to their edge.  Lives are taken, lovers forsaken and souls hang in the balance over what to buy, buy, buy.  With so many overblown expectations with how the world should be, how  Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa should be, what  décor would go well in that corner, how much invisible money is still on the plastic slave driver credit card, parents invasive opinions, friends missed, exes negotiating visitations, and the suffocating ooze of Black Friday visiting on the one day of gratitude our culture gets every year is the key reason why our  culture’s suffering is so augmented during this time of year.

We are focused on a chaos that is of our own making and yet we mourn when the shit hits the fan.

The world hungers and suffers for compassion perhaps without realizing that it is giving itself the medicine it needs to transcend the collective selfishness that is so prevalent in our egocentric society.  The key between living within and living without is compassion.  As long as humanity struggles with thinking of self as better than others while hanging itself with the noose of materialism, we will be presented gifts of life-ravaging proportions.  Mountains must be created in order to be moved.  Waters must be murky in order to attain clarity. The hungry must wait to be fed.  Some of us wish for peace on Earth and the guarantee that the holidays will be perfect and the turkey won’t be dry. Others wish for a mom and a dad because they were born into orphaned states of being.

Each of our choices creates a connection that will either lead to suffering or to freedom on a global level. Each act of volition by each person on this planet converges and connects to the cause of other people’s willful acts until a chain reaction of events causes a seismic shift.  The evaluation of the importance of life will alleviate the struggle to have more time, more perfect moments, and simply wanting more.

The beauty of life is in both the sorrow and the song.  Wrest the hungry ghost away from the throat of the celestial god and know that now is all that matters.

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