Shrapnel {Poetry}









By the hand of Shiva I have been shattered

Cosmic Blast

Big bang

Divinely destroyed

Evolving involution

Shiva Laughs

Dancing and burning my human shell

And all that I hold dear


Burn my beloved Shiva


Oh my precious soul!

Conceived in the sands of time

Gossamer in truth

Aerial whimsy shaped by molten passions

Finely crafted by Spirit’s keen sleight of hand

An artifact from the apex of lover’s mist

I am unlimited and impermanent

A crystal glass filled with starlight


Seeing into the glass you have seen my heart

Touching the glass you have been pleasured

Drinking from the glass your thirst has been quenched


I have yet to quench my thirst in you

For I must see what I am partaking

Obstructed from the light of the sun

you are covered in harrowing shadows

Unwillingly wearing a disdainful bridle

You gaze upon me from your prison of volition


Feeding frenzy upon fragments of bliss

Agonizingly witnessing freedom’s dance

Your toes dip into the water of another world beyond your reach

While your hands are bound by the destructive ropes of attachment

Liberation’s grasp is loosened


The indelible fingerprints you left upon my soul

Contradict words of forbearance

Falling from your sanguine lips

Nourishment from my fountain

Has become the elixir for your reality


The taste of my delicacy

Has left you craving soft sinew

Past delights leave imprints upon my crystalline rim

Love: ethereal, illogical, unattainable

A novelty of reverie

Beyond the capabilities of your accustomed element

And so begins the decomposition of dreams


The Dance of Shiva upon my ruddy shell

Entrancingly calls upon my Shakti

As we conjoin in sacred union

You turn away from the sight of our coitus


I visage the silver threads of your fruition

Plucked from my predestination

I mourn what never could always ever be

Relieved of my inertia

I transcend my adoration of your vast presence

Yet I mourn

As the world is removed from beneath my feet


My soul falls prey to inevitability

As I erupt into dusty shards of what once was

I am shrapnel

The chaos of a life transformed

I cling to the snake upon my lover’s neck

And entwine him with the suppleness of my thighs

While I am penetrated by the wisdom of his divinity

His trident refracts the infinite

Casting a canopy of light over our accord

We are sacred communion beyond your vision


Ecstatically, I begin again


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