You. That’s your sacred space.

That inner life, that still small voice, that shining bit of carbon and stars

…that’s your eternal and omniscient sacred space. That energy is yours. It can never be taken from you.

It just is.

The sacred in you can be found walking, dancing, writing, or digging in the dirt.You can plant things, nurture things, discover things — and all of the sudden — you drop into a different way of being in the world (but not of the world).

You may meditate, chant, pray or write letters to God (or Goddess or Higher Power or Nature devas). You may sit in silence. You may ruminate and wonder.

Any way you dial spirit, you have a direct line.

You might find that one wishing rock or that one cathedral of trees or that particular stained glass window that speaks your language.You may stumble into that sanctuary that leaves you feeling cloistered and cared for.

You don’t need to go anywhere, though.

You carry sacred space within. It is part of the warp and weave that contains your very cells and tissue and bones. It is your energy, your light.

You can set up an altar at home or you can visit a church, synagogue, sanctuary or chapel.

However, the main ingredient will always be you.

No matter the dusky darkness where you find yourself lost or the seeming cracks in everything (that lets the light in), you carry the sacred within you, like a gem sown into the hem of your robe.

You know where to look.


“Self-love and self-care are a ‘delicious cycle’. The more self-love we discover, the better we want to take care of ourselves; and the more we care for ourselves, the more self-love we will uncover in the process.”

-Asante George  

What does it truly mean to beautiful?

I am almost certain that every person reading this will answer the question differently. We all have our own perceptions of beauty and we all want to live up to the standards of those perceptions. The only problem with this is that our perceptions are typically unreal and therefore, unattainable. We put so much emphasis on being an unattainable ideal, we forget what the essence of real beauty is.

What if I told you that you were a goddess with incredible beauty and insurmountable power?

For many years, beauty was something I felt as if I lacked. To me, it was a foreign concept that I could only grasp if I were a little more ‘this’ or a little less ‘that’. I suffered with feelings of low self-worth. After reaching a point where my own true nature was completely unrecognizable to me, I embarked on a journey to discover the authentic me that was buried deep within.

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Chasing Lakshmi

Anjana Love Dixon —  August 29, 2014 — 2 Comments


Right now I, for the second time in my life, am learning how to pray.

As I reflect on my previous incarnation as a little girl sitting at the right hand of my mother, prayer was terrible and frightening. She had a fever for the Pentecostal tradition that caused her to yell out “hallelujah” during the most quiet, yet still noisy moments of church. How embarrassing it was for me to sit next to her and duck under her hand that seemed to flail involuntarily. How helpless I felt when I saw the tears stream down her worry stricken face.

I learned then that in order for god, who happened to be a man at the time, to hear the cries of his people, they had to roll, scream, hump the ground, cry out in mumblings that not even Babelfish could translate. And they said it was good.

But the people, my mother included, were suffering from terrible physical, emotional, and spiritual maladies that had such a profound hold in their life that they called them demons and this was their last ditch effort at salvation. They were orphans to the light of a god who had devoured their lives. Every week they gathered to commiserate and pray their course be set in an opposite direction. They were Gethsemane incarnate. I could smell the blood.

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 Green Earth Emporium began in 1994 as Eric Dixon’s dream

of giving Knoxville residents the option to purchase items dedicated to conscious living: cruelty free, organic, and environmentally sound. Twenty years later, Dixon has established an institution of generational customers who have come not only for environmentally friendly products, but to also learn about world cultures and religions.

“I have customers that came into the store as children, and now they bring their children into the store. It is very moving to know that I have had such an impact on a community that I value so highly.” Dixon says.


Green Earth Emporium now has visitors, teachers, and spiritual seekers coming from all over the United States for the launch of their intellectual event space and Conscious Library. “Our library will consist of impacting books from members of our community. Customers can bring in gently used books and receive cash or trade that is good toward any item in the store. The best aspect of the library is that it is an imprint of every customer who has benefitted from the wisdom of Green Earth Emporium. Our goal is to continue to cultivate this wisdom.”

The Intellectual event space will hold teachers, workshops, independent film screenings and book launches. Services from therapeutic practitioners, life coaches, and consultants will be available to customers in the welcoming office space.

“I want 2015 to be an act of gratitude toward Green Earthlings, and I plan to provide them with all of the wonderful gifts they have given me over the years,” Dixon states.

For more information on Green Earth Emporium visit