#FridayFive: Surreal Color Goddess Elizabeth Joy

Her name says it all: Joy. Elizabeth Joy brings exuberance and light to her metaphysical art and hair styling. In her work as a stylist, she harness the imagery of Jem and the Holograms, turning women into heavenly hosts of rock star proportions. In her art, Elizabeth identifies through her spiritual experiences of rebirth, renewal, and feminine empowerment. Located in Manheim PA, her work is here to expand the mind and bring sisterly love to the Philadelphia area.

#FF: How have you learned to create a safe place for yourself in your artistic expression?

EJ: I feel like society places a lot of importance on being practical, being a responsible grown-up, and working all the time just to make ends meet. It makes us feel safe to do what is expected of us. When you decide to live creatively, you blaze your own trail and it threatens the status quo. To me, living creatively is about being true to yourself regardless of what everyone else wants you to be. There isn’t a lot of security in it, but it makes you feel alive. Artistic expression never feels safe, but that’s what I love about it!

#FF: When were you the most connected to your artistic process?

EJ: A few months ago, I was involved in a very traumatic accident. I stopped going to work and going out with friends because I was just too heartbroken to function. Every day, I would sit in my room for hours painting. Art was one thing I could funnel positive energy into. It was a very ugly time in my life and creating images that were positive and beautiful made me feel more balanced. It made me realize the importance of staying creative. Now more than ever, I feel that art & creativity are what make life worth living. Why focus on things you can’t control when you can focus on creating something you love?

#FF: What does it feel like to create empowering energy for the women you serve?

EJ: My favorite thing about being a stylist is seeing my clients leave with a big confidence boost. Especially when I get to do really unusual cuts and colors. People always feel great when they see themselves pulling off such a unique look. My hope is that my work inspires women to be their own kind of beautiful. I feel so blessed to be able to use my creativity to help others feel beautiful and confident!

#FF: Where do you derive your goddess energy?

EJ: Making art, long walks every morning, deep conversations, practicing gratitude, and being surrounded be so many wonderful people. I like to focus on all the things I love in my life while being careful not to waste energy on things that do not serve me. I use to feel like it was me against the entire universe, but the more I learn to let go of bad vibes, the less separate I feel. It’s very empowering to feel like the whole universe has got your back. All you have to do is change the way you look at things!

#FF: Who are your patron goddesses?

EJ: My sister is my main goddess. She’s kind, funny, creative, and beautiful inside and out. I admire her for being brave enough to start her own very unconventional body-painting business. She works hard on doing what she loves. I am so lucky to have grown up with someone so inspirational in my life! Someday I hope to join forces with her and open our own business together where we can focus on bringing more art and color to our community.


See Elizabeth’s art in our September Gallery.


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The Operation



In this quiet moment, I am performing deep psychic surgery on myself. I have created a sterile safe place in my heart-mind and am using my third eye to call in my orderlies.

I’m calling in Frida Kahlo, John Lennon, Kwan Yin and the huntress, Diana.  Frida, another impaled goddess, makes me look deep into the richness of the blood red energy of my infinite enraged self as she lays me in a state of suspended animation. John holds the masculine space of my feminine aspect and we begin to tackle feelings of abandonment that can cause complications during surgery.  The waters flowing from the eyes, hands and vagina of Kwan Yin create a multi-dimensional baptismal pool. Diana’s steady eyes and hands guide my operation. Her pinpoint ability to kill the root with the feminine antidote at the tip of her arrow is just what I need to stop the damage from killing me.

I have made an incision around a very deep puncture wound caused by a sharp red energy spike. It has pierced through my body right below my rib cage from the front, creating a protrusion out of my back. It frightens me when I touch it, and so I am doing my best to keep my blood-pressure stable and maintain the integrity of this deadly poison as I implore the ascended aspects of my infinite self to guide this shit out.

This energy spike has already done damage. It is what gave me my type 2 diabetes. It is a manifestation of rage.

With deepest gratitude, I can finally feel my rage. I can finally see it although it has been with me all my life.  It sneaked into the processed food I was eating when I couldn’t talk about my feelings. It was present in the aspect of me that was left down the bottom of the well of repressed sorrow and neglect during my formative years. It was in all of those times I chose men with serious emotional problems to fuck, fight, and fix.  It’s a fucking judgmental bitch that tells me that I am unworthy of any joy or happiness because I was and always will be a pig slut.

I have fallen prey to being connived that the expression of anger is wrong, and I, in turn have become pickled with grievances.

I have got to feel this out. I have got to return to my innocence. Was I ever there? Perhaps I was born under the sign of fire because of this baseline of rage that has burned through the women of my family line and put me on this inter-dimensional surgery slab.

Rage lurks and waits for you to impale yourself upon it while it laughs about the surprised look on the face of your barren corpse. It gives such a shocking thrust that you don’t even realize it has done you in until the moment the bitter taste in your mouth tips you off that you have been poisoned.

As I search for the root with objective precision and an unflinching eye, I realize.

We celestial little girls with tender hearts and spiritual insight never deserved to have our mouths clamped shut with heavy hands. No girl ever did. Our innocence was not meant to be gorged on by a feeding frenzy of heartless dogs disguised as family members or trustworthy authority figures. Those old world soul-eating rituals have no place in the space of the holy infinite.

I let out a primal scream. Diana has entered the incision as I begin shaking on the table, balling my hands into fists to fight against combustion. A hot, white light emanating from within and from Diana’s orb begins to lift a dark sludge from my depths, forcing my mouth open wider and wider until I am disrobed from my human sheath. As I experience the weight of the world fall away, I wonder am I dying?

I try to scramble for what has always kept me grounded, slave to the salve of normalcy, but my hands are unable to wrap around my own viscous form. I am long dead.  I was left to the wolves to be feasted on and used as soil for seeds of rage planted inside me before my first woman’s blood.

My rage body begins to reveal itself as Dianic love energy draws it from my true boundless form. The block is quickly removed.

As I lay suspended, with an open hole in my body, I call in the vibrational heat of Icarus’ melting wings to fill me with dripping humility and wisdom. Kwan Yin’s waters have risen, and I surrender to being submerged under the crystalline baptismal waters of compassion. I begin breathing deeply in goddess utero. I am cauterized and cleansed.

There is a hush over the sacred space of my heart-mind.  My healing masters take three distinct steps back and let the mother goddess nurture me back to wholeness.

A midwife wearing a cloak made of the light of the dawn enters the space. My ascended orderlies fall under the weight of the greatest measure of love back into their karmic time streams. I can feel the crushing pressure of being called to rebirth and yet I am hovering above myself observing under the midwife’s tutelage.

We begin to sing the song of life. We call forth transformation in the language of ancient queens. As the dryness of my old bones fades into the turbulent nebula of a birthing star, I am emerging from sacred waters as the caretaker of my innocence and the master of my internal universe.

I await discovery.





Learning to Love and Walk Away

Sometimes you rub me raw.

Like sand paper,
You tantalize me
With the promise of a smooth future
I am scratched by reality.

You are not part of the dream.
I feel the sands of your abrasiveness.
And I know
You are just
an in between.


The phrase I use  to explain reasons why we stay in obvious futile relationships  says it all: “You’re not done, until your done, but when you are done, you will be SO DONE”.

Love does not quit easily. Love often binds us to unhealthy situations. It is the reminder of happier days that keeps us involved. It is to this memory we pay tribute. To complicate things further, the depth of our love is not always indicative of the amount of time spent cultivating it. The only person who knows how long the relationship should last are the parties directly involved.

Often we stay in relationships until the memories of the past become so painful that we must walk away for the love of our own survival. It is when you have reached this critical mass, that you slowly scrape yourself together, battered and bruised and walk away.

Till death do you part?:

Loss is loss. Rebirth is the moment when you know you simply cannot keep living in this perpetual mourning of the loss of your brighter days. It is time to clear the past away and reclaim your choice to change your experience. This is when your love for yourself takes precedence over love of the other person. This is when you stand and reclaim your birthright: happiness.

The key to success in any type of  relationship is to stay put at the first sight of trouble, but to choose to walk away when there is permanent damage. Honor the memory of your relationship by never allowing the love that existed to become a weapon. If your interaction has become more painful than pleasurable it is time to dust yourself off and start fresh.

This does not mean your relationship was unsuccessful. It means you successfully chose to honor the relationship with yourself. This is critical. A healthy relationship is based on healthy participants.  It is imperative you take the necessary steps to correct the imbalance.

These powerful journeys in love, and life, will provide an experiential history that will follow you thought your life. Even when no longer physically connected, we have spiritual and emotional connections to all those we have loved. They have shaped and molded us to become who we are today. It is up to you to choose what what you create.

eWomen Network: Heart-centered Events for Aware Business Goddesses

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About Keynote: Laura Gisborne











Laura Gisborne is passionately dedicated to co-operative entrepreneurism—having designed and built nine businesses, the first when she was just 23 years old. Laura’s business wisdom is supported by 20 years of successful entrepreneurial endeavors ranging from six- figure boutique businesses to multi-million dollar corporations. The founder of Powered With Passion, Laura’s systematic business approach empowers entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to actualize their dreams with ease and grace. Laura’s expertise is helping entrepreneurs discover exactly what their core values and strengths are to create the congruency of personal values with their professional expression.

Facilitated by: Rebecca Miller










Executive Managing Director
for Knoxville


Business Consulting and Entrepreneurial Training with Rebecca Speaking


In addition to business training, Rebecca is also the Executive Managing Director for the Knoxville, TN Chapter of eWomen Network. She facilitates three networking events monthly and invites you to be a guest!

Rebecca has a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Sociology from Maryville College. She was a financial advisor and stockbroker for seven years with Hilliard Lyons and Morgan Keegan. Rebecca was the Executive Managing Director for the Portland, Oregon Chapter of eWomen Network, a premier International business networking group. She hosted over sixty networking events in two years and has facilitated dozens of seminars. She shares her expertise regularly as an inspirational and educational speaker.


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Activate Your Life: Show, Don’t Tell



I remember as a student in writing class this directive was drilled into my head: Show don’t tell. Over and over I’d get papers handed back to me with red marks screaming it at me. I hated that teacher with the keen passion that only a young student can express. But those words held far more wisdom beyond writing in junior high school.

Those words have become a life lesson for me. They have taught me that I could tell you all day long about the me I want you to see. I could wave my fancy feathered fan in front of my naked body teasing you with glimpses of who I really am. I could rip off my spiritual bindings, groaning with effort and continued fear that I’ll not be perceived as blameless as I wish.

Show me who you are.

Don’t just tell me with clever slogans because those are the thoughts of someone else. Using a lack authenticity  to describe oneself  limits a person to the level of mediocrity, labels, and acceptance of someone else’s beliefs.

Who are you quoting?

I don’t want to be remembered with someone else’s words on my lips. My own actions are a reflection of my spirit. I do not intentionally set out to change the world, it just happens because my intent is  like a fire, fully engaged in whatever I’m doing. I require blazes of activity to spark up via conversations, actions, laughter, outrage towards injustice, or by committing random acts of kindness. I want to be remembered as someone who mattered to someone else as much as I matter to me.

I’d like for someone to make a graphic about me that reads, Man, if only you’d known her. She was a fireball like none other. Even though she gave up a lot, she wasn’t a quitter. She’d fight to the bitter end for whatever she believed in and without even realizing it, you’d be right there with her. She was trustworthy in action and word.

We’re all in this together.

Human to human, elbow to elbow, what shall we do? What beliefs do you wish to leave as your legacy? What can you give to the world that is unique to solely you?  Bring that gift to the table of manifestation as a dish to pass to along in your community. Fan out your peacock tail with glorious display because you’re necessary, valuable, and worth more than a few words with a pretty picture attempting to capture your essence. Go on, show all of us, don’t just tell us who you are. We’re waiting.

Resistance is Futile. Change, Gonna Come.

I am in the most hermetic phase of the summer now.

The temperatures in Phoenix are in the triple digits, tempers flare, cars overheat, dust storms roll through. My tendency at this time of year is to curl up in bed with a good book and an iced coffee, and wait out the heat. I teach my online summer course. I exercise,  cook, do course prep for fall. I clean out my closets. I write. In the dark, cool womb of my house, my animals gather in a semi-circle around me and we enjoy our sloth together, tucked in and safe from the chaos of the outside world.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t care what’s going on. I do. In fact, I think I care too much. My heart is too kind. I often feel much too fragile to navigate the ugliness and difficulty that has become the common thread of contemporary life. I’ve realized that some battles are not worth the time or energy they take. The older I get the more I understand that I must channel my time and energy into things that I want to see happen.

Things that disturb me, upset me, or cause my blood pressure to rise, are things I actively avoid. You see, no matter how bad I feel about poverty, injustice, hunger, killing or war — focusing on them actually entrenches them —  rather than makes them better. My feeling bad about the horror and strife and hatred in the world will not make those things disappear. I can never feel bad enough to make the world feel good as a result.

Change the way you see the world, and the world you see will change.

Let’s face it: the outside world is ablaze with recrimination and hatred right now. As a result, I don’t watch anything on the news — not because I don’t think the war in Gaza is a horrible crime against humanity or that devastating gun violence, murder, and domestic abuse doesn’t exist.  I know what’s out there. I don’t watch because those issues don’t deserve even one fraction of a fraction of a fraction of my attention or time. They’re a symptom of what’s tearing this world up: inhumanity toward all living creatures. The perpetrators lack any semblance of empathy or care or feeling for others. And because I do not want to give energy to things I do not want to see more of, I am doing my level best to put my focus on things that are actually fostering change.

Fighting against things doesn’t change things.  

Working toward things changes things. Constructive dialogue, collaboration and cooperation change things. That’s not just semantics. The energetic signature of something you are opposed to is completely different than something you actively support. One mindset traps the energy in regret, remorse and resistance. The other frees the energy to move in the direction you want to go.

What you resist, persists.

So, if you wonder why I am here at my keyboard rather than out on the street corner holding an angry sign, don’t misconstrue my intentions or my commitment to change.

There is much I am outraged over and much I want to see change. I am for equality, kindness, joy, education, the social safety net, and health care for all citizens. I am for my taxes going to helping the least among us. I want to see women paid on par with men. I want to see racism disappear. I want marriage equality for everyone who loves another person and wants to get married. I want our laws to protect us all — not just a select few.

I want to close our prisons and open more schools. I want us to spend $40K on each student in school instead of spending that amount incarcerating people who’ve been thrown away. Did you know that more African American men are currently in jail than were held in slavery?

I want us to embrace common sense and get guns out of the hands of the criminally insane.

I want a sustainable future, a clean environment, a warm place to rest. I want to trust the food I am eating hasn’t been showered in enough pesticides to kill me. I want to walk into the future with collaborative, kindred spirits who are ready to build a better world.

There is no time left to waste on pettiness or mind games.

What you focus on, increases.  

What are you going to do to make a change? We cannot transform our lives using the same mindset that created the status quo.

We’re living in a whole new paradigm. Anything’s possible.

And what about those among us who are hellbent on taking the world backwards?

They won’t win their fight against progress, kindness, mercy and care. Resistance is, indeed, futile.

So, if you are like me, protect your light.

We’ll need it for the road ahead.

{Book Excerpt} Start in The Dark: The Art of Human Error


You fucked up. You didn’t expect to either. You thought everything was going to be perfect because after all, of course, you are human. If you are anything like me, when you think of your mistakes, the misspoken words, the last conversations that led to broken relationships and fissures in the souls of others, you feel guilty. When you read this book, you will recognize parts of yourself that you wished had not been uncovered. Little shreds of your sense of self-confidence in your decision making skills erode every time you blame yourself. Let the sting fade from your cheeks. Turn off the playback of all the mistakes you remembered just now. It’s going to be alright.

Stop wasting your time thinking about the possibility of different events, what could have gone better. Your mind will attempt to rationalize that you cannot let go of information on your greatest disaster. People in robes will tell you the moral effect of your transgressions. Books may tell you how to alleviate your struggle and maximize your power while other philosophies will postulate that you were never actually here, and thus the mistake never happened. None of this eases the isolation and sorrow that floods our veins when we know we have done less than our best and it has affected someone else.

Our mistakes carry so much weight that we have created special apparatuses to carry them. Emotional baggage is our psyche trying to categorize, and therefore make sense of all of our failings, deeming them as psychological biohazards to be placed in safety containment and dropped off at the nearest landfill.  The problem lies in the belief that our mistakes are poisonous waste products that have zero ability to transform.

Moralists would argue that this is why the human condition needs a savior. The crux of moralism is in the creation of myth against visceral reality.  Religion is there to tell us what to do with the parts of ourselves that are inherently dirty and wrong as opposed to seeing them as portals of transformation. This bias is why we see sects of western religion as mom and pop novelty operations instead of the collective consciousness and searing truth that we are desirous to consume.

We humans enter into a state of observation upon birth, but it is our biases that get us into trouble. One bias is to believe that we have inherent sin and that our mistakes are a reflection of this soiled state. Because religion is supposed to make civil what is savage within us, we quiet the primal awareness to change; we become weakened by the fear of an invisible force’s displeasure with what is meant to be an individual experience.

We have created prejudices and judgments around all that we believe is a mistake or a perceived weakness in our lives and when we view the world, we begin to see with the same eyes that have determined right and wrong, good and evil. Innocent passers-by along our life path are observed and evaluated according to their level of moral strength.  Gender, race, physical fitness, religious belief, socio-economic status and other human constructs are all fair game in determining levels of supremacy. None of the aforementioned criteria absolve any of us from the greatest of errors; however our greatest errors lie in that we believe that such criteria have the power to perfect us.

So now that we have identified this mind fuck, what are we going to do about it?